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Illuminati Grand Chancellor History

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Illuminati Grand Chancellor History

1st Grand Chancellor: Roma qochasiva
Roma Qochasiva forever holds a unique place in our hearts, not only because he is our first Grand Chancellor, but because so much is attributed to him. Based on his history, Roma was definately a go-getter, a socialite on the world stage, and not afraid to involve himself in the affairs of others. It is unknown whether he was very popular on the global stage, but within his region, holding the title of Grand Chancellor, was a major boost for him. He is regarded as very knowledgable, secretive, and manipulative, yet had a way of getting what he wanted from othess. Roma existed in a NationStates world vastly different and far more ruthless than our own. Globalism, the Round Table, and major 'traditions' in Illuminati as we define it was unheard of. While he didnt come up with these things, he wrote the GuideStones, the regional anthem, and the regions first constitution, setting a philosophic and legal precident for years to come. Following the deletion of Roma Qochasiva, Illuminati was left founderless. While not a Grand Chancellor himself, Mercury God does deserve credit for initially creating an Illuminati website, news blog, and preserving much of the early history of the region. Over a decade later, these early archives provide valuable insite to the world of Roma Qochasiva, and Illuminati.

2nd Grand Chancellor: All-seeing eye
All-Seeing Eye successfully refounded Illuminati in early 2007, paving the way for a new incarnation of Illuminati. The constitution set by Roma Qochasiva was still in effect, and the government largely remained the same. Illuminati expanded greatly under his leadership. Historically, All-Seeing Eye was a great advocate of Qochasivas GuideStones, which were at the time very unpopular with the government of the region, leading eventually to the regions downfall. Despite this, All-Seeing Eye was a great general in the military, who lead the region on some of its most famous military victories: Romania, Peru, Argentina, and others.

3rd Grand Chancellor: The Triumverate
With Illuminati lost to a third party, a Triumverate was formed, and a very short lived six region empire emerged. While unsuccessful, the Triumverate did mark the last time the GuideStones were in use by original Illuminati members. The three Grand Chancellors in the Triumverate were, Formidable Opponent, Kuvachim, and Maxistein. Surprisingly little is known about these early players due to their short lived empire. After this, with Illuminati lost, the GuideStones, and other early archives would be lost too.

4th Grand Chancellor: Ramsos
Ramsos never lived in Illuminati, and never was even known as a Grand Chancellor during his time in the game. Ramsos, however would become famous for starting NationStates Public Forums (NSPF), and the Global News Network (GNN). One activity within GNN, was to archive old forums and websites. Illuminati happened one such place that was archived. Ramsos became a major figurehead in the world.

5th Grand Chancellor: Oxomoco
Oxomoco succeeded Ramsos in NSPF and with GNN, and during his time saw a general decline with those two projects. He was never known as a Grand Chancellor either, and likely never even heard of Illuminati.

6th Grand Chancellor: Romenoch
Romenoch succeeded Oxomoco in NSPF, and rebranded it into the new Global Inter-Regional Order (GIRO). Under his leadership, GNN News greatly expanded throughout the world. Romenoch was never called a Grand Chancellor during his time either. Ramsos, Oxomoco, and Romenoch were named Grand Chancellors after the fact by the next grand Chancellor.

7th Grand Chancellor: Willowa
As the first female Grand Chancellor, Willowa developed an odd fascination with Illuminati after finding it in the archives established by Ramsos. Armed with the GuideStones, constitution, and other works, she would move GNN to a newly founded region, Illumina (since Illuminati was still under occupation). GNN eventually ended publication late in the fall of 2009, but Illumina grew considerably during the same time. Willowa would go on to posthumously title Ramsos, Oxomoco, and Romenoch as Grand Chancellors in an attempt to link the early Illuminati with the GNN editors. This would be one of only two times that nations were named Grand Chancellors after the fact.

8th Grand Chancellor:Solenoc
Solenoc greatly expanded the influence of Illumina around the world, and grew the regional government. He is regarded as one of the early adoptors of the GuideStones as a purely philosophic nature, and later would go on make the GuideStones law, fulfilling Roma Qochasiva and All-Seeing Eyes quest to legalize them.

9th Grand Chancellor: Formidable opponent
By chance, Formidable Opponent discovered Illumina after rejoining the game, and joined in. Being one of the only member who still remembers the early Illuminati, Formidable Opponent provided a wealth of information on the previous administration of Roma Qochasiva and All-Seeing Eye. Rising in the ranks, he secured the position of Grand Chancellor. One of his earliest acts was to comission the building of a four region empire, Illumina, Stonehenge, Imperialism, and Stronghold. The four regions would collectively be known as the ISIS Empire. Formidable Opponent restored many early intelligence and military actions within the new empire, and build it up considerably.

10th Grand Chancellor: Solenoc
Solenoc became the first nation to be named Grand Chancellor twice, upon his election. In this administration, the GuideStones themselves became the Constitution of the region, establishing Illuminati as an imperial theocracy. Ultimately, this proved unsuccessful, and the ISIS Empire would begin to decline.

11th Grand Chancellor: Merlinus ii
Merlinus II succeeded Solenoc after a wave of democracy swept the empire. He had a reputation for being a very unpopular Grand Chancellor for his strong advocation of states rights in the late days of the ISIS Empire. A civil war would very likely have started over the issue of states rights to independence, however, on Easter Day, 2010, the region of Evil invaded Stonehenge. This galvinized support for the empire, and it retaliated. Finding new-found inspiration, Merlinus II, did order the invasion of Illuminati, (which was still occupied), and the ISIS forces won, securing the region once more. The nation, Solenoc would refound the region as a colony of the ISIS Empire.

12th Grand Chancellor: Wyllt
Wyllt was the last Grand Chancellor of the ISIS Empire, which was already in decline. His short administration accomplished virtually nothing and was widely believed to be nothing more than an infiltration by a foreign enemy, although who exactly is unknown. Little else is known about this leader.

13th Grand Chancellor: Solenoc
Solenoc officially declared an end to the ISIS Empire, and commissioned its members to consolidate within Illuminati, marking the first time since 2007 that Grand Chancellors would once again reside in their homeland. That fact alone garnished a lot of pride and loyalty to the member nations who returned home. Politically, the government was rocky at best. It was a major goal to 'restore Illuminati to its Golden Age' under Roma Qochasiva and All-Seeing Eye, however this goal proved to be an impossibility. Despite this, Solenoc would go on to publish several new GNN Issues. The concept of 'Globalism' was developed under Solenoc, in that a persons loyalty to a region is more important than the actual region one resides in. A regional intelligence agency was reborn, which was infiltrated by the Aeazen Combine in a sort of love/hate relationship. Globally, this was a bad move, as the world condemned Illuminati for their association with the Aeazen Combine. Defeated, Solenoc would go on to close, and later lose the region.
As with Mercury God, a second 'intermediary period' began. Illuminati 'Refugees' divided themselves into two 'camps' set in two different regions, Tyndaria and The Phoenix Federation. Both adopted the Global GuideStones, and both regarded Illuminati as their rightful home, however with the region once again under foreign occupation, there was little either camp could do.

14th Grand Chancellor: Amerago
Amerago was the founder of Tyndaria, who held on to his camp. While the region did adopt the GuideStones and several Illuminati members, its leader did not regard himself as a 'Grand Chancellor'. For this region, Amerago was listed as the 14th Grand Chancellor post humously by Zarvarza, who was the founder of another refugee camp, The Phoenix Federation.

15th Grand Chancellor: Zarvarza
Widely regarded as one of the most successful and controversial Grand Chancellors in Illuminati history, Zarvarza would become the only nation to serve in the position a total of four times. In this administration, Zarvarza, along with Zartavaria, Zarathoth, and Zeye Zar (the four players agreed to have 'zar' in their nation names, and yes, these were actually separate players), would go on to build a 13 region empire, known as the Zar-Illuminati Empire. This massive empire by todays standards would grow decently in size, with each state competing against one another in state governments and federal control.

16th Grand Chancellor: Gravatrax
Gravatrax was elected to the position of the Grand Chancery, a rare occurance. His popularity within the military helped him into the office. While initially successful, his war efforts did not succeed, leaving the nation to go inactive and eventually be replaced.

17th Grand Chancellor: Zarvarza
Zarvarza would again take the helm of the empire, filling the void left by Gravatrax. This short lived Grand Chancery, was handed down to Amerago for a second term.

18th Grand Chancellor: Amerago
Amerago would become the fourth Grand Chancellor to serve a second time, behind Solenoc, Formidable Opponent, and Zarvarza. Amerago marked a shift in Illuminati policy whereas Aeazen Combine friendly members would return to the empire. Domestically, Amerago would prove to value propaganda, yet ultimately was too inactive for the empire as a whole.

19th Grand Chancellor: Vingo
As with Amerago, Vingo was an Aeazen Combine friendly Grand Chancellor, and regarded as one of the most famous Grand Chancellors of this era. Vingo published the Informatio Bellum, an outline of ideological and political policy for Illuminati, which served as a major shift toward state propaganda and pride for years to come. Vingo was quite popular within the Illuminati Government, however a growing trend of libertarianism served as a thorn in his side. Vingo was famous for his propaganda, TruthSpeak publications, and paranoia toward Illuminati members, especially those he didnt know as much. Vingo served an especially long term through relative peace abroad, but continued upheavel with scandals and governmental regulatory change at home. The term of Vingo would end after growing pressure from the citizens of the region called for his resignation after a leaked publication of counter intelligence files on member nations.

20th Grand Chancellor: Newbaltamore
Vingo appointed NewBaltamore as his successor, in an attempt to find a common, neutral successor after his counter-intelligence scandal boiled over. NewBaltamore was relatively new to Illuminati, yet would publish very famous articles on the GuideStones and the Informatio Bellum. Despite a rising star in his own right, as a Grand Chancellor, NewBalamore faced unprecidented opposition from both the Libertarian Party and the Imperial Party (the two major parties at the time), because both parties felt that the next Grand Chancellor should be from their own party. This resulted in NewBaltamore being both publicly criticized on nearly every decision and badgered to find a replacement. NewBaltamore, would become the shortest serving Grand Chancellor at the time, after a mear week in office.

21st Grand Chancellor: Zartavaria
Zartavaria, a strong Libertarian was chosen by NewBaltamore as his successor. This controversial choice by NewBaltamore lead to further infighting on the side of the Imperialist Party, and caused several Libertarian nations to switch sides, after Zartavaria began ruling in a manner opposite of a libertarian ideology. Zartavaria began issuing 'Directives' as opposed to going through the normal channels of government. Despite this, Zartavaria did prize regalia and propaganda as part of his administration, taking new pride in his office. At the time, Zartavaria proposed many legal and legislative ideas which would not take root until later in history. In many ways, his ideas were far ahead of his time.

22nd Grand Chancellor: Zarvarza
After being discouraged with the administration of Zartavaria over the issuing of Directives to circumvent the legal process, Zarvarza couped Zartavaria under the new Globalist Party. Seeking to put an end to scandals and controversy, Zarvarza began to tone down the propaganda within the region, and sought a more unified Illuminati. With nations wanting a chance in policy that was more fair toward all, and less dynamic, a series of reforms would take place within Illuminati. Eventually, a new charter would take hold. This, dubbed, the Round Table Revolution, became one of the most long-lasting ideological changes in Illuminati history. The Round Table idea transformed Illuminati from an empire, into a republic, with competing political parties vying for power. The exact balance of power within the charter would take time to develop in several incarnations, but would set the precident for years to come.

23rd Grand Chancellor: Jinckus
Zarvarza began grooming Jinckus as the next Grand Chancellor in the fall of 2012. His appointment made global news, as it became one of the first truly peaceful transfers of power in Illuminati history. Jinckus had a fascination with GNN News, however despite several attempts was not able to make it successful. Internally, the Illuminati government flourised for many months until winter when the activity of Jinckus began to fall. Vingo and Zarvarza would begin conpiring to overthrow Jinckus, in one of the most violent coups in history. This coup would nearly destroy Illuminati.

24th Grand Chancellor: The Monarchy
Vingo and Zarvarza established a Monarchy, with Vingo and Maria Frederson as the Monarchs and Zarvarza as a sort of 'priest' over Illuminati. While taking considerable amount of time in setting it up, the Monarchy failed, and Illuminati once again fell.

25th Grand Chancellor: Zarvarza
With Illuminati virtually abandoned, and a shell of a government remaining, Illuminati fell into heavy inactivity. Eventually, it would go on to be conquered and refounded by a foreign entity.

26th Grand Chancellor: Alexander Sothis
Moving from Illuminati to Panopticon in the early months of 2013, Alexander Sothis became the next Grand Chancellor. He wrote a new constitution, known as the Prime Axioms and saw the region flourish and develop as new axioms were proposed by the legislative chamber to flesh out the government. The constitution itself was based on the Round Table Charter used by Zarvarza and Jinckus. Political parties were called Communities, and there were many formed during this initial administration. As the region grew, new and complex laws would form, along with new communities. The leading community during this time was The Church.

27th Grand Chancellor: Anathema Armaments
Anathema Armaments was elected the second Grand Chancellor by the Chamber, and continued to construct and build the region. Anathema Armaments commissioned the construction of vast organizational structires for the legal code and history of the region. Ultimately the region was at its zenith by this time, and from here on out would experience a period of decline in both population and activity.

28th Grand Chancellor: Jadea
Under Jadea, new legislative reform was done for Panopticon, leading to new powers and control for the Communities. Many former Axioms were repealed and new axioms ratified by the Chamber. Despite these major changes, Panopticon would continue to fall.

29th Grand Chancellor: Alexander Sothis
Upon taking office, Grand Chancellor Alexander Sothis advocated and got ratified an axiom for Emergencies. Using the new law, Alexander Sothis would go on to repeal most axioms in June 2013 in an attempt to start fresh in Panopticon. By the end of june, new axioms defining the Premiers (ministries), abolish the neutrality policy, and introduce meritocracy into Panopticon.

30th Grand Chancellor: Osorno
Taking advantage of the lack of neutrality, and rising calls for militarism abroad, Osorno assumed control of the Grand Chancery. Legislatively, the government all but fell under his term, leaving a husk of a region.

31st Grand Chancellor: Amerago
Amerago assumed control over Panopticon as its 31st Grand Chancellor when he took over the World Assembly Delegate position in Panopticon. Despite this, the regional government ceased to exist, and the region was rapidly falling in population.

32nd Grand Chancellor: Osorno
Osorno would become the last Grand Chancellor over Panopticon. He called for official closing of all alliances and communites in Panopticon. After him, Panopticon itself fell into disuse.

33rd Grand Chancellor: Scissoro
Following in the footsteps of Panopticon, Scissoro sought to establish a new region based on similar concepts as panopticon, but make it successful. He founded The Global Syndicate in March 2014, and recruited for it, growing it large in size. Having a similar government, The Global Syndicate flourished under Scissoro, as the region initially began building itself up. Recycling terms was used, as the Chamber of Panopticon became the Round Table in The Global Syndicate. Communities became Guilds. Under Scissoro, culture flourished and a new appreciation for history was introduced. Only serving for one month, Scissoro resigned and appointed The Salaxalans in April 2014.

34th Grand Chancellor: The Salaxalans
Surprised by the sudden appointment by Scissoro, The Salaxalans of the Common Sense Resistance Guild bacame the 34th Grand Chancellor. Ambitious in terms of foreign affairs, his leadership saw an increase in discussion with the establishment of the Global Inter-Regional Order and the creation of new embassies. The second Round Table electoral session saw a dramatic shift in power, which would prove to work against The Salaxalans after two additional impeachments. Ultimately Alyekra and Scissoro would go ahead and conspire to impeach The Salaxalans after only serving 7 days in office.

35th Grand Chancellor: The Salaxalans
With only one Guardian on the Round Table, , Alyekra reversed his impeachment policy on Salaxalans, and went ahead and elected him with only one vote, making The Salaxalans the only Grand Chancellor to serve two consecutive elected terms and the only one to be both elected and appointed. After giving a speech 'On Stability', The Salaxalans resigned, having only served one hour.

36th Grand Chancellor: Scissoro
After four days without a Grand Chancellor, due to Alyekra blocking legislation, an axiom slipped through would seat Scissor as Grand Chancellor. Scissoro would go on to remove Alyekra from office, and changed around government positions to get 15 new Axioms ratified wihcih stablized the Round Table, and prevented future rapidly successions of the Grand Chancellor office. After only four days, Scissoro would appoint Brazc to the office.

37th Grand Chancellor: BrazC
Under BrazC, The Global Syndicate saw an expansion in growth of government, rapid rise in activity, participation and growth. As the government stablized, more legislation was being ratified, strengthening the government.

38th Grand Chancellor: Anathema Armaments
Anathema Armements ruled to 'clean up' the legislative nightmare of laws in the region and went on to repeal many of them. Culture flourished in the region with new role play maps and calls for new flag designs for the region.

39th Grand Chancellor: Scissoro
Scissoro was appointed Grand Chancellor after Anathema Armaments went inactive in the region. Upon taking office, The Global Syndicate had stalled in the summer activity lull. Scissoro would go ahead and appoint Applebania to be the 40th Grand Chancellor.

40th Grand Chancellor: Applebania
Applebania can be regarded as an inactive Grand Chancellor, having gotten very few laws passed, and no significant policy changes took place. Ultimately, Applebania declared that 'We are not dead', however despite attempts to stimulate activity, by August, the region was in a freefall.

41st Grand Chancellor: The sacred eye
With the Global Syndicate all but dead, The Sacred Eye assumed control of the region and became its next leader. Despite calls for reform, it was too late for the region and his calls fell on deaf ears.

42nd Grand Chancellor: Lykens
As with Panopticon, after the region had mostly fallen, there were several to claim the title of Grand Chancellor, yet fail to fix or reform it. Lykens was one such nation who held the title, yet did little to drive up activity. Under him the final nail in the coffen of the region was driven home.

43rd Grand Chancellor: Rhyphix
Rhyphix would go on to found Illuminati, taking back control of the region after a two year occupation. He would introduce a 'Universal Codex', which was modeled after the 'lessons learned' from the original Round Table Charter in 2012, and the Prime Axioms and Codexes of Panopticon and The Global Syndicate. Rhyphix ambitiously recruited for Illuminati, and designed many of the laws for its government.

44th Grand Chancellor: Wintony
Wintony would succeed Rhyphix in a peaceful transfer of power. Wintony promoted a strong military for Illuminati, however this goal never fully materialized. After only serving three weeks, Wintony was voted out of the office by the Round Table and would be replaced by SaintsEmpire.

45th Grand Chancellor: Saintsempire
SaintsEmpire would assume control of the Grand Chancery and it would mark the beginnings of a period of unrest within Illuminati, as the region valued dynamic governments over stable ones. Issuing bold imperialist changes to the government, Saints would ultimately be quickly voted out of office by the Round Table.

46th Grand Chancellor: A lost soul
Known as a troll, A Lost Soul would be elected into position largely for his sharp criticisms of the Illuminati government and what it had become under Rhyphix, Wintony, and SaintsEmpire. In retaliation for the corruption of government by A Lost Soul, and the increased power grabs and manipulation by Rhyphix, Wintony and other member nations conspired to hold a revolution within the region. A Lost Soul would be impeached.

47th Grand Chancellor: Rhyphix
Using a loophole in the law, Rhyphix declared that the administrations of Wintony, SaintsEmpire, and A Lost Soul were essentially null and void, and took control of the Grand Chancellors office. He then went on to discredit and eliminate those within the revolution from government office. Rhyphix would hold the office until temperments settled, before appointing the next Grand Chancellor.

48th Grand Chancellor: Ivy land
With calls for peace and unity, Ivy Land assumed control of the Grand Chancellors office, and modestly moved forward with the region, despite this, the regions activity decined.

49th Grand Chancellor: Zartavaria
With increasing calls for change, Zartavaria became the next Grand Chancellor of Illuminati. Under his leadership, activity increased slightly as Zartavaria introduced regalia and symbolism to bolster support of the regions past. While few legsilative changes were made, this did work to motivate the region to want something more. Unfortunately for Zartavaria, Rhyphix and SaintsEmpire wanted more.

50th Grand Chancellor: Saintsempire
Taking advantage of a brief inactive period with Zartavaria, SaintsEmpire was elected as the next Grand Chancellor of Illuminati. Under the promise to return Illuminati to its imperialist roots, the Round Table was abolished and replaced with a 'traditional illuminati government', which harkened back to the early Illuminati. Despite the fanfare, activity in this new system collapsed, and the regions population sharply declined.

51st Grand Chancellor: Rhyphix
With Illuminati once again in decline, and many of its active nations gone, the state of the region was in dispair. Rather than risk losing the region as had been done several times in the past, Rhyphix declared himself the Grand Chancellor, and ruled over Illuminati in a state of Anarchy. For well over six months, Illuminati had no government and no population growth. From time to time, nations would call to restore the government, to no avail, until Wintony (now called Vintony) returned and published several articles on the subject of our government. Recruitment began again, and the region pulled forward quickly, establishing a government, and naming Vintony as its 52nd Grand Chancellor.

52nd Grand Chancellor: Vintony
Ruling with a booming population, sudden interest and fanfare for the region, its history and culture, Vintony would become a celebrated Grand Chancellor who brought Illuminati back to life. With a newly functioning government based on the Round Table Charter of 2012, the region was poised for success. Within two months, the region had constructed a massive global intelligence database known as GAIA and GOD, built a massive cultural district for Illuminati and its history, and began moving toward a more globalist and open society.
Capitalizing on a growing drive for Democracy, Rhyphix couped Vintony on what has been known as the Great Purge, ending his term and installed a new democratic Charter. Elections for the 53rd Grand Chancellor were set for July 1, 2016.

53rd Grand Chancellor: Vox Civis
Vox Civis was elected July 1st, 2016 for a set term of three months. Being the first Grand Chancellor with term times and compulsory democracy, Illuminati quickly rebounded from the Great Purge, growing to over 350 nations. Under his leadership, the Axiomata was ratified establishing a new fully democratic government.
Illuminati took part in several foreign campaigns as well including the Invasion of Christmas, Dank Memes, the refounding of The Unity Council, and a global propaganda campaign over NationStates known as "Phase 2". Domestically, a focus on culture, political development, and technological modernization brought Illuminati to the forefront of NationStates best regions.
Vox Civis resigned on August 31, 2015, moving Vice Chancellor Altino into the position of Acting Grand Chancellor for the remainder of the term.

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