The Panopticon Government

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The Panopticon Government

Post by Altino on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:20 pm

The Panopticon Government

This response to a doubting nation by our 26th Grand Chancellor, Alexander Sothis on March 27, 2013 gives a broad overview of its government and the relation it holds in the wider NationStates world.  The significance of this response is that it set an 'us vs. the world' sentiment within Panopticon, Illuminati from then on. Arguably, this also established the basis of self-reflection within Illuminati where our internal actions are performed with the knowledge that the world is watching.

It is not my judgement that you should trust Scupin. But you should trust in our system. It has been trialed to death, to make it structurally sound. Allow me to explain the mechanics of regional management on NationStates. For every 100 or so regions built, maybe 1 will grow. Of that 1% half will ever get to a point where they have a form of government established. Of that, nearly every region on NS will collapse after a year or two. There are a few exceptions. First, are the regions with a strong purpose (usually defender or invader regions). 10000 Islands, Lone Wolves United, Founderless Regions Alliance, etc. These regions have a strong purpose for their existence and very dedicated members of their regions to keep the region going. But, the vast majority of regions collapse after a year or two, and a good run at things. Why?

The answer is surprisingly simple. See, regions with a very dedicated purpose, like the ones listed above are like anchors to NationStates, driving it forward. They do not adapt, they do not change their purpose, they get on, engage in war, and get off. They succeed for that purpose. The regions that collapse are not as intense in their purpose, their people not as loyal. They are like a skyscraper that was built but failed to account for the wind, and eventually tenses up and collapses. It was beautiful while it was there, but too much pressure and the wrong materials caused its collapse.

Panopticon has a purpose, we just have to get to that point where we are ready to live it out. When that time comes a since of loyalty and trust will come to our nations who worked hard to get to that point. Won't be easy to do. Our Purpose is to literally enlighten the world, to give it information, and allow the world to use that information as it sees fit. To speed up the world and raise the bar. These are by no means easy tasks. In the grand scheme of things, they are not all that fun either, but if we are to have a lasting impact, and make a difference they must be done and our people must embrace it.

The Panopticon government is designed the way it is for a reason. If we fail at our primary purposes, we still have a back up, that being the Panopticon government itself. Using that skyscraper analogy again, our government and its policies could be hit by a hurricane and still survive... as long as the Ten Prime Axioms are there, this region can not fall completely. You will note the vagueness and lack of detail in those ten primes. That was done, because every other axiom is repealable. The government we have built these last three weeks, a true Panopticonian should value it, but be realistic enough to know that it is still temporary, at least until a community here or abroad decides they want to change the system to their own liking. Someone once asked why do we call them axioms in the first place, and for that we should look at its definition.

1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof.
2. a universally accepted principle or rule.
3. a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it.

Note, none day they are laws, concrete, perpetual, or written in stone. They require no proof, they are 'accepted', and they are an assumption for the sake of studying the consequences thereof.

The fact is, every election cycle, we could potentially tear down the entire government, down the Prime Axioms and rebuild it in 1000 other ways if the people decide. Our government is the first government on NationStates to this level of 'sway' into our system. We are the first to recognize that we could make mistakes, and thing may need adjusting and rebuilding. This is why our Axioms are small, not massive, to allow for details to be changed, or the whole system to be changed without compromising other parts that we may want to keep. Anything can literally happen. Anything, that is, except repeal the ten primes, for that is our base, our anchor, our foundation stone on which everything else is built. A nation should have loyalty to the simplicity and pure genius of the Ten Prime Axioms over the government, me, their community and anything else we do, because it is those simple words that unite us.

This region is designed to withstand every possible scenario, revolution, scandal, and controversy. We do not close the doors on anybody, instead, we make it a free-for-all. In Panopticon the strongest survive, the most organize win, and the most ambitious lead. I honestly cannot wait until some foreign region, figures out our system, comes in, creates a community, and overthrows our people, and models the government after their own liking. Why? Because we were built for that, and the strongest, most organized, and ambitious survive. Rest assured, if that scenario happens, our people will rise up so fast (in the next election), and do everything in their power to overthrow the intrusive region, and good, it builds our character without compromising our principles. If you have been been to any of our embassies, you would know that most regions do not allow that right. In-fact, I know of no region that will allow another region to vote and participate in government, treating them equally. We are the only one. I do not say that under the auspices of some evil overlord of the world, I say that I cannot wait for our region to 'sway' around because it will be interesting to watch, because I have full trust in those Ten Primes, and I already know they are solid, so there is no fear, of what a bunch of voting diplomats can do. In essence the reality is a diplomat voting will not produce any different results than a strongly biased community we have. You never know what you are going to get.

It is important to know why other regions do not have such an open policy as we do. One word: fear. They fear what could happen, they fear their government so elaborately built will collapse. Fear actually treating a diplomat like a person with rights, and they fear they will lose their region to another power. They fear themselves not holding power, because if you know NationStates like I do, it is always the same people in power in any region, they just rotate titles, making it overly difficult for a new person to get a seat in power, and that nation would be damned lucky to get a top seat where the Old Guard sit ever. And then, they wonder why after two years they collapse.

Every nation invited to this region, new or experienced is on a level playing field. This region is 22 days old, we have people in our government right now who are a 22 day old nation, no experience what so ever. We did not judge them by what they knew about the game, about their past history on NS, or their qualifications.

Every diplomat in this region wasn't put into some 'mask' like our people have to go through daily when we sign up on others forums. No part of our forum is hidden from anybody. We are wide open in our approach (it keeps us honest). Diplomat's come here shocked that we give them what we do, which is the same thing that Panopticon nations where given when they arrived, respect and level playing field.

Every member serving government is accountable to someone else. I am accountable to the Council, the appointed Premiers are accountable to me. The elected Premiers are accountable to the Council, and every minister is accountable to the chamber. Every nation can be impeached. In this government, be being the founder is meaningless, not even mentioned. Legally speaking my one job, my only job (besides my current position as a chancellor) is to keep our forum on and our region open.

I do not believe other regions are bad. They have the right to establish themselves just as our communities have the right to establish themselves however they choose. But, in knowing our system, in knowing how we operate, I do believe our system to be vastly superior, more entertaining, dynamic, engaged, and with endless possibilities. And so, lastly, I say, if a nation wants to play in the sand somewhere else, they are encouraged to go and do so. Trust not in me, trust in our system.

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