Shenandoh Citizen Application

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Shenandoh Citizen Application

Post by Shenandoh on Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:41 am

Citizenship Application
Nation Link:
What is your World Assembly Nation?
What nation are you most known as?
Do you own any other nations in the game?
Are you currently a citizen of any other region?
What is your game history on NationStates?
I was a part of Coastalia for the better part of a month, while it was in the middle of a war. Free Islevyny, a rogue nation, threatened to overthrow Cagunion, the WA delegate of Coastalia. Free Islevyny tried convincing me to pledge to him, and when I refused, I convinced him to fight me over it. I coaxed him into sending 20000 out of 30000 of his troops. He did not know that I'm an anarchy, and when he sent his troops, my population crushed them in 20 minutes, leaving Cagunion to invade Free Islevyny and handle 10000 within an hour. When Vultion, a dictatorship, threatened to overthrow Cagunion, they agreed to come to a compromise, leading to the government reforms they're going through now. I found dissatisfaction in its reforms. I was sent a telegram to join the Illuminati.
Will you abide by the Illuminati Axiomata?
I hereby swear to abide by the Illuminati Axiomata.
Will you adhere to the Global GuideStones?
I hereby swear to adhere to the Global GuideStones.
*By completing this application and posting it, I acknowledge that the above information is filled out accurately and is true. I understand that my Citizenship status or this application may be denied if I registered under false pretenses. These may include, but not limited to, nations who intend to spy, infiltrate, lurk, troll, harass, or violate the Forumotion Terms of Service. Nations inactive on this forum for longer than 30 days will have their citizenship status on this forum removed.


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Re: Shenandoh Citizen Application

Post by Cauteria on Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:20 am



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