Impeachment Expansion Act

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Impeachment Expansion Act

Post by Altino on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:42 pm

Impeachment Expansion Act
Passed August 29, 2016

1. At any time two or more Guardians may call for a vote to impeach the Vice Chancellor. At this time the Guardians of the Round Table, excluding the Vice Chancellor, vote. If the vote is passed, the Vice Chancellor is removed and an interim election is held.

2. At any time the Grand Chancellor, Founder, Vice Chancellor, three or more citizens of the Illuminati, or two or more Guardians may call for the Impeachment of a Guardian. A vote is thus called for all Illuminati citizens, and if the vote is passed, the Guardian is removed. If the impeached Guardian holds an elected seat, an interim election shall be held immediately. If the impeached Guardian holds an appointed seat, the Grand Chancellor retains the right to either hold the seat empty or fill the seat following guidelines set in Article 4, Section 14 of the Axiomata.

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