Amendment to the Limits of Office

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Amendment to the Limits of Office Empty Amendment to the Limits of Office

Post by USEA on Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:44 am

Amendment to Limits of Office

• The elected Grand Chancellor must have undertaken and completed, in it's entirety, The Rites of Illuminati Initiation. To show commitment to Illuminati and it's philosophies, to show that they will uphold the Guidestones, and that they will abide the Axiomata, to which they have signed their name.

Initiate status must be achieved NO LESS than 48 hours before the Election Cycle commences.

• The Grand Chancellor of Illuminati must be a member of the World Assembly in order to promote regional security and express commitment to the region of Illuminati.

• In the event that only one or fewer Illuminati Initiates wish to run for the office of Grand Chancellor, the ability to run will not only be of those who are Initiates, but to all that are citizens under the Axiomata Illumitorium.


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