Diplomat Registration

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Diplomat Registration

Post by Altino on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:56 pm

Diplomat Registration

Welcome to Illuminati:
Diplomatic Status is the cornerstone to cooperation with your region and Illuminati. You will be under the jurisdiction of the Illuminati Charter and any subsequent laws of Illuminati while on this forum. To complete this process, please copy the text below under 'Application' and post it as a new post here. A forum administrator will review your application and inform you whether or not your application is accepted. Upon a successfully accepted application you will be able to use this forum as a citizen of Illuminati.



[b]Diplomat Application[/b]
Nation Link:
Region Link:
What is your World Assembly Nation?
What nation are you most known as?
What puppet nations do you hold, if any?
What is your game history on NationStates?
Will you abide by the Illuminati Charter while here?
Will you adhere to the Global GuideStones while here?

*By completing this application and posting it, I acknowledge that the above information is filled out accurately and is true.  I understand that my Diplomat status or this application may be denied if I registered under false pretenses. These may include, but not limited to, nations who intend to spy, infiltrate, lurk, troll, harass, or violate the Zetaboards Terms of Service.  Nations inactive on this forum for longer than 180 days will have their diplomatic status on this forum removed.

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