Charity Rite (poem) Daosemoa

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Charity Rite (poem) Daosemoa Empty Charity Rite (poem) Daosemoa

Post by Daosemoa on Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:35 am

Come and go, to and fro,
Back and forth like a yo-yo,
People come here to learn,
Some succeed but others burn,
Some begin good, too soon they turn,
But that isn't my concern,
I'm no angel, I'm no rival,
Illuminati isn't straight outta the Bible,
Being a good guy here isn't all the vital,
That being said, when you drop down dead,
What will people feel when you creep up in their head?

This poem is a gift from me to you,
I wrote it because I had nothing better to do.


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