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Post by Farlandiay on Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:34 pm

1,000 Telegram stamps, and this law proposal:

Legislation Adherence Act

We, the Round Table, hereby establish this set of procedures for all legislation to follow. We seek to achieve transparency, professionalism, and accuracy in law.

Section One: Proposal Format

All Round Table Proposals must be submitted in the proposal section of the forum 24 hours before they can be brought to a vote.

All Round Table Proposals will have a header, followed by the description of the bill. All amendments will show both the original section/document, and the proposed amendments.

The author or author's of a proposal shall have their names placed at the bottom, along with the vote count for the proposal on the Round Table


Section Two: Dealing With Format Violations

Any proposal that is passed in violation of these codes, holds no legal weight

Proposals passed before the date of this laws passing shall not be effected by this law

It shall be the duty of the Vice Chancellor to reject proposals which follow incorrect format, and only the Vice Chancellor may declare a proposal to be in violation of these codes.


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