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Farlandiay's Rite of Philosophy

Post by Farlandiay on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:34 pm

1. Why is more required today to make an Illuminati citizen than in past times?
With every generation, we set the bar higher. We must always strive to do more than the people who came before us to progress.
2. Why is bad to be inactive when citizens depend on you?
You will lose that dependency
3. If a person has only intellect, but no character; how can this be a bad thing?
Although you may be good at your job, you will never get the position
4. Why would giving too many details in a plan be a bad thing?
The element of surprise would be lost.
5. Based on the description of an Apex Citizen, is the Director an Apex citizen? Why or why not?
This question is obsolete, there is no Director
6. How can a citizen avoid the faults of their government if they are a government member themselves?
Hold yourselves to a higher standard than anyone else.
7. How can fame be earned so that a leader doesn't end up being "a horrible monster"?
Stay true to yourself, and the ideals that elected you
8. What does the phrase 'as theaters of good breeding' mean in the 8th Seal?
I'll decline this question
9. What is the point of using trickery in war?
Mental warfare is more important than any physical one, the ultimate goal is to deteriorate their will to fight
10. Why would stagnant oligarchies be considered a bad thing to Illuminati?
Well two things, Stagnate, and oligarchy. Neither of those make progress.
11. Is it acceptable to play "the card the opponent expects" if that card will lead to a victory for Illuminati?
The goal, being to achieve victory, should be achieved by any means necessary
12. Based on the 11th Seal, who does luck exist for?
It exists for the people willing to create it for themselves.
13. What are the weaknesses of others referring to here?
If you know your opponents weakness, you can defeat their streanghts
14. How can sarcasm work unfavorably toward the person using it?
It can be misinterpreted and overused.
15. If you win something by luck or chance, are you really winning?
Yes, but it's unreliable
16. Why is exaggerating something so bad? Is it wise to exaggerate the strength of your enemy to motivate your troops?
Exaggerating has a time and place, and this could be one under some circumstances.
17. How can long-winded speeches be bad to a person with a natural ability to lead?
The worst response to a speech, is TLDR. Avoid this idea from your readers at all costs
18. How can not contradicting your opponent turn out to be a good thing in an election?
No matter who wins, the public can support them.
19. How can cunning lead to deceit?
Cunning often requires deception
20. Why should anyone master things that they dislike to do?
These are the most important things to master, as things you like are much easier to acomplish
21. How can making the wrong choice discredit the best of citizens?
Sometimes your entire career can come down to one choice
22. Provide an example of moral courage.
Standing tall, even in the face of unbeatable odds.
23. When would an Illuminati citizen need to adapt themselves, as in this seal?
Adaptation is the key to survival
24. Why should a Grand Chancellor never use his office to punish?
This indicates vengeance, which is not an honorable trait.
25. How can a citizen use bad news help them?
It tells you what to avoid doing
26. In the last 3 months, give an example of when a Grand Chancellor was resolute.
EA was resolute in taking the Delegacy
27. What does the last sentence in seal 27 actually mean?
Even when you think you know it all, the journey has just began
28. Why is it that some leaders do end up being unsociable?
Power can overwhelm the weak
29. Why would 'be all things' be something that a citizen should do?
Adaptation is key to everything
30. How can using the enemies of Illuminati be a good thing?
Anything can be used to your advantage
31. How is a scandal so dangerous to a persons reputation?
Respect is easy to lose, and hard to gain
32. Why is neatness considered barbaric to elegance?
Anything lesser compared to something greater, is not good enough
33. How can an enterprise succeed which the judgment condemns as soon as it is conceived?
It cannot as it's destiny is to fail
34. Can you have versatility with new nations who come to Illuminati?
Yes you can and should
35. Why would hiding the extent of your abilities be a good thing?
Being underestimated set's you up to exceed expectations
36. What is the policy of the cuddle fish?
Never show your hand
37. Why is competition a good thing?
Survival of the fittest
38. How can serving in government reveal qualities you may not have known you have?
You learn more about yourself
39. How can people be boring?
By being uninteresting
40. How can a censorious nation negatively affect the region as a whole?
Oppression of one, is oppression of all
41. Does this seal mean we can just give up on projects that we do not feel like finishing? Why or why not?
It means to know when to let things go and when to keep going forward.
42. How can the failings of another citizen work to your advantage?
Others failing is an opportunity for you to do better
43. How can being missed raise your stature with others?
People are always loved more once they are dead
44. How does complaining to much bring down your reputation? How is it harmful to Illuminati?
Complaining does not build, it only criticizes
45. How is 'being seen doing' more worthwhile than just 'doing', without necessarily being seen?
For purposes of elections, appearence is everything.
46. When is it important to embrace the mob mentality, and when is it more important to be a unique individual?
It is a matter of morals, or your own goals.
47. Why is contradiction 'poisonous' if done in amusement?
Your just being difficult
48. When should a Grand Chancellor leave an issue alone?
It's best to wait until controversy passes
49. What side of a fight should you take when you are facing off against a contrarian?
The side you beileve has the upper hand
50. Why is showing your battle wounds a bad thing?
It shows your weaknesses
51. How does the seal itself relate to the text beside it?
I won't answer this one
52. How can bad conversation skills ruin the reputation of Illuminati?
My answer is neglected here
53. What is the wrong way to use your friends?
54. Why can tolerating fools be a good thing?
Everyone has something to offer
55. What is the main motivation of rivals and detractors?
it is false to identify one sole factor
56. Why would Illuminati even consider the idea of a 'just war'?
It motivates the masses
57. When is pride a good thing and when is it not?
There is a fine line between being proud, and being egomaniac
58. Why are people with nothing to lose the most dangerous of enemies?
They have nothing to hold back
59. How can a person use silence to get the information he needs from another?
Being a listener is the best way to learn
60. Why would an enemy not want to be lead down the right path when that path is indeed right?
Rightness is in the eyes of the beholder
61. How can increased opposition raise desire?
They are proportional
62. How can helping the worst off be harmful?
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime
63. What is one advantage to a nation who leaves Illuminati for another region?
They spread the influence of our region
64. When can a government system based on merit fail?
When the merit behind it is not held by those who hold office
65. When should should blunt honest truth be used and when should the truth be embellished with courtesy?
Base this on the person you are telling the truth too.
66. What advantages should a Grand Chancellor exploit?
the encouragement of social advancement
67. How can one become 'bad for sheer goodness'?
Controversy creates activity
68. What does it mean by 'sell wind' in seal 68?
Exagerate your worth
69. Why should a good leader watch out for people with bad personalities?
They are the downfall of a moral government
70. What is the meaning of this seal, Display Yourself, when Seal 36 says to hide your abilities?
Be open to observation, but control what is observed
71. When can absenteeism be a bad thing?
You are out of the loop
72. How can a persons personal qualities surpass those of his office?
Sometimes you are better than the office you hold, as you can also be lower than the position you hold


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Re: Farlandiay's Rite of Philosophy

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Welcome back to being an Initiate. Glad to see you've done this.


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