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Post by Altino on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:04 pm

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● Rite of Charity ●

Section 8 of the Axiomata describes the Initiation Rites of Illuminati. Giving back is necessary to the society as a whole. In this rite, you are asked to contribute something to either the Grand Chancellor or the region itself.

After you have affirmed your loyalty and revealed your inner self, an initiate must give back. Giving and serving others is the hallmark of exceptional leadership. It is not enough to simply exist or take. Giving gives us satisfaction and strengthens our character. The things you may give are up to you. You know your nature and know yourself best. Here are a few suggestions:

● A poem about the region.
● A work of fiction or a story about the region.
● Reference works, such as player guides.
● Telegram Stamps for recruiting.
● A legit World Assembly proposal.
● A reasonable law proposal.
● Several pro-Illuminati propaganda images.

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