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Post by USEA on Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:45 pm

For those of you who do not know me, who do not know my nation, I am the United States of Eastern America. I began playing Nation States I believe around August and joined Illuminati shortly after I received a recruitment letter. I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to say here to be honest, so I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself, with the assumption that you care considering the fact that you have read all the to here: as of the post of this… whatever this is, I suppose introduction to myself, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am quite interested in politics, I guess you could call me a liberal, and I am very fond of music of most genres. Every member of my family, which I am not close to due to some issues/problems/etc that I'm not going to take the time to write out because of the fact that it would take too much time and it's a bit too personal to have in an introductory statement, is extremely conservative which is an example of how we differ in our ideology and philosophy. They have raised me as a Southern Baptist Christian but I don't think that particular branch of Christianity is for me, so I am unorthodox in my religion. I'm not what my mother would call a “good Christian” by any means.
Um.. I went into talking about personal issues haha. Oops. Um… I'm not sure what else to say. I guess that's it.


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