New Dual Citizenship Act

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New Dual Citizenship Act

Post by Pigaria on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:17 pm

1. Dual Citizenship shall be defined as citizenship in which a nation holds official status of any kind in a foreign region with which Illuminati hold an embassy (Although, this can be avoided by an RT vote through part 4)
2. Dual Citizen shall be able to be taken away by the GC as per the Axiomata
3. Citizens holding Dual Citizenship may hold office within Illuminati with the exception of the following: Grand Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. The Presidiums may be allowed based on the GC's decision.
4. The RT only has to vote on Dual Citizen if the person is attempting to get citizenship in a non-embassy-ed nation (Although people may see this as treason)
5. Any of the following can revoke your Dual Citizenship: RT vote or GC decision

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