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Recruitment Telegram

Post by Altino on Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:01 pm

For instructions on how to send a recruitment telegram, please Telegram Altino or Illuminati leadership.

Illuminati Recruitment Telegram, formatted:

[b]Fight the Establishment![/b]
••••••••• ••••••••• •••••••••
[region]Illuminati[/region] is the [u]most dynamic[/u] region on NationStates, with an ever-changing government, extreme politicking, and one of the most fast paced regions in the game. We don't wait for things to happen, we make them happen. For over a Decade, [region]Illuminati[/region] has been at the cutting edge of NationStates politics and innovation. Now, we are ready to relaunch and you are the type of nation we are looking for!

[b]It Just Doesn't Get Better than this![/b]

•••• Are you ready to be a wolf, or will you settle for playing with the sheep?

••• Are you ready to take on the establishment?

•• Are you ready to become a leader?

• Come see why we are the best.

[b]We Feature[/b]
• Not only citizenship, but an Initiation Path that will lead you to bonus privileges in the region. 

• A truly democratic government system with a constitution that is workably flawless. 

• Some of the most loyal members in the game with a strong sense of community

• An offsite forum with spam games, info on laws, guild registrations, a working mentorship program, a guide to WA votes, etc.

• Interesting political discussions that never get boring.

• A decade of legacy, yet a completely new beginning.

• A chatroom on to gather and get to know the region with the community.

Of course, most regions have at least some of these features but not [i]all![/i]... but what truly elevates us are the rights you get. You do not need to wait years to get into government here or be somebody. If you have special talents, we utilize them as soon as possible. Every member of Illuminati is valuable to us. You didn't join the game to sit around and wait did you? Once you have been approved for citizenship, you can run for office, join the military, earn appointments to the Grand Chancellor's Supreme Presidium, open up shops on the forum, and more. Or you can take on our own government itself, and through your own dedication and persistence craft your own version. We welcome change, innovation, fresh dynamics, and most importantly, ambitious nations such as yourself. In [region]Illuminati[/region] you [u]choose your destiny[/u]!

[u][b]Do not Settle[/b][/u]for less than the best. 
Don't even bother with slow, boring, stale regions out there that have nothing to offer a new nation. 
Don't let others push you to the back of the line... to hell with that! Get in there, introduce yourself, and start making changes.

[b]Join [u]Illuminati[/u] Now!

Click the button below[/b]

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