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Post by Club Lux on Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:14 pm

Ok I'm not good at speaking, especially about myself, but here goes. I've been playing Nationstates since Freshman year of High School due to a Social Studies class experiment. My first and longest lasting nation is Archuria, and it mostly reflects my views and so sometimes changes drastically or does strange things that contradict because I'm not an all or nothing kind of person. When there is activity in a region I'm in, I'm invested. When there isn't, I'm not. That is why I'm invested here now but stopped being so in Neil Nation at the time of this speech. Also I channel my inner Lucifer as best I can, as you probably already know, and I love sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology (which is also usually fantasy or exaggerated and fantasized history as I see it). I'll also try to be accepting of all views as long as there is logical (or religious faith i suppose) backing to them. I strongly believe in logic and morality. I think that sums me up nicely!
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