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Post by Altino on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:31 pm

Emantentize The Eschaton

Written on June 14, 2013 by the 26th Grand Chancellor, Alexander Sothis, this essay focuses on the legacy and archaeological remains of Panopticon and Illuminati that we leave behind on NationStates.  As a call to action and a very forward-looking essay, it focuses on the question of how we want to be remembered.

Emanentize the Eschaton

Plato, who wrote the Theory of Forms, made a valid point in his work with the assertation that non-material abstract forms (or ideas), and not the material world of change known to us through various sensations, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality. In an age where knowledge is currency, Plato's words hold a significant meaning in today's society. And yet, often these forms are not openly discussed, debated, investigated or even known.

Fast forwarding over 23 centuries to the present age, one of the forms more recently developed political theories pertains to emanentizing the eschaton. We must first understand the meaning of these words to understand what they mean when combined.

The word eschaton can be broken down from the Greek ἔσχατος / ἐσχάτη / ἔσχατον, meaning "last" Eschatology is the study of the final events of history, "the end times" or "end of the world". This concept is often used with religions connotations as well as in the fields of physics, philosophy and futurology. Similarly, immanence refers to philosophical and metaphysical theories of divine presence, in which the divine is seen to be manifested in or encompassing the material world. This is a direct opposite of various theories of transcendence, in which the divine is seen to be outside the material world. In Ancient Greek philosophy immanence holds the meaning of the quality of being contained within, or remaining within the boundaries of a person, of the world, or of the mind.

With this clear understanding of the definitions of the words used, to emanentize the eschaton simply means to bring about the eschaton (the final divine stage of history) into an immanent world. In short it is the act of intentionally bringing about the final stage of history through the divine. It is my belief that Plato's assertions that ideas possess the highest form of reality can easily be considered 'the divine' and a new world can emerge.

Let us look at humanity. When it comes to the divine, there are three primary fields of thought. First is the belief in a higher power. This is usually coupled with the various religions of the world, in that man was either created by that higher power, or was in some way influenced by it. Second is the belief that humanity ourselves are the highest power. This belief usually states that because we are the most advanced living organism on earth, that it is our duty, through our mind, to build upon ourselves and grow to become gods ourselves. I find that most philosophy and psychology border on the concept that man is the highest power, and thus man can improve ourselves to reach a higher state of existence. The third belief is the belief that humanity, is equal with that of everything else in the universe. This is usually accompanied by various atheistic, and scientific theories. The belief that mankind is simply another step in the evolutionary cycle, and that we no higher, or no lower than anything else, because we all belong to the universe. In summery of these three fields of thought, the majority of people either belief that:

  1. There is a higher power than humanity.
  2. Humanity is the highest power.
  3. Humanity has equal power to everything.

We want to Emanentize the Eschaton, we want to bring about the final chapter in our history, and this can be accomplished in such a way that it compliments the three fundamental beliefs. We should consider ourselves as that last chapter in history and strive to not only make it the climactic ending, but make it a chapter which completes the story of humanity. We should, therefore strive for perfection, and not just establish new ideas but use and try them. Only by doing so, can we reach some semblance of utopia.

No idea is invalid to the point that it should not be shared. A good idea, the forms that Plato spoke of are the ones that have the power to change and improve our existence.

It is important that as we write the chapters of our history that we make them as best as they can be. Emanentize the Eschaton is about ushering in the final stage of our history, and making it superior. In natural progression of societies, mankind went from nomadic to the establishment of small city-states. Those city-states then bonded together and created great empires. Eventually, those empires collapsed and the idea of the nation-state came into play. Compared to the brutality of the empires, the nation-states were relatively stable with their borders, and this permitted nations to rise up, and establish great alliances and international organizations. Our logical next step in evolution is globalization. It is the final step until the world can be reborn anew and the cycle repeats itself. That is a form worthy of Plato himself.

When looking back upon the archaeological record of our time, of what we do going forward, let those discoverers comment to one another that this society Emanentized the Eschaton of Globalism; for when Globalism fell, death occurred. The world was then reborn nomadic, once again striving for what we, in our time, perfected.

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