Citizens' Asseverated Right I

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Citizens' Asseverated Right I Empty Citizens' Asseverated Right I

Post by USEA on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:00 pm

It is, and shall be known, that the People's Inherent Right to a platform in which they can partake in an exchange of knowledge, beliefs, and social communications, shall not be infringed, a statement in which has not been seen to disregard the Nation-States terms of use, and in which is in compliance with the Laws of Illuminati, shall not be suppressed, shall not be censored in any way, due to disapproval of that statement and the nation behind it shall not, under any and all circumstances be suppressed unless it is seen to be conspiratorial, illegal in accordance to the Laws of Our Region, or in violation of the Nation-States Terms and Agreements.
A. Guidelines & Procedure
I. Those with the granted power to suppress or delete may, and are encouraged to, report and/or suppress statements/posts that are in disregard of Nation-States Terms, Illuminati Law, inappropriate spam, overly graphic, or likewise.
II. A statement or post of any kind, may not be suppressed due to political rivalry, personal arguments involving one with power off suppression, or personal and/or political disfunction between two or more parties.
*This applies to the Regional Message Board, chat servers (forum posts my be censored as long as they are not in complete disregard of prescribed law, they may be removed if the posts are improper for where it was posted.)


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