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Article 3 Amendment Empty Article 3 Amendment

Post by Club Lux on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:48 am

Article Three: Citizenship & Initiation
Section Six: Aquiring Citizenship
● A citizen shall be defined as a nation who holds the right to vote and run for office within Illuminati. Citizenship shall be granted to a nation by either the Regional Founder or the Grand Chancellor of Illuminati.
Section 7: Losing Citizenship
● Citizenship may be revoked by the Regional Founder or Grand Chancellor if that nation is found to have lied or have been misleading in their Citizenship Application or if the nation ceases to exist, no longer resides in the region of Illuminati or one of its subsidiaries, found to be an imminent threat to the security of the region, or by popular vote of the Round Table of Illuminati. In the event that citizenship has been removed from a nation, that nations Illuminati forum status shall be adjusted to diplomat.
Section 8: Initiation Rites.
● The Illuminati Initiation shall be divided into three separate rites and all three must be completed for the initiation to be validly recognized. The three rites of initiation shall be listed as: Rite of Affirmation, which consists of an oath of loyalty and signature to this Axiomata and the currently seated Grand Chancellor; Right of Revelation, which consists of the initiate introducing themselves; and the Rite of Charity, which consists of the initiate making a symbolic gesture of giving to either the region itself or in honor of the Grand Chancellor. Only the Grand Chancellor may accept the initate rights
Section 9: Initiate Rights.
● An Illuminati Initiation may never be rescinded and thus, an initiate may consider themselves to be an eternal member of Illuminati, even if their citizenship has been removed and even after they cease to exist. Only initiates may be selected for or elected to the positions of Grand Chancellor, WA Delegate, or Vice Chancellor
Section 10. Guilds.
● Citizens of two or more may assemble into guilds for the purpose of fulfilling an ideological or political agenda within Illuminati. Should that guild fall below two citizens, it shall, however, close.
Section 11: Returning Citizens
●Former citizens of previous incarnations of the region of Illuminati shall be required, upon returning to the current manifestation of the region of Illuminati, to re-affirm their loyalty by redoing their citizenship and initiation. Former citizens who are initiates may skip this process.

Additionally Nullifies all previous passed RT legislation regarding citizenship and initiate status including:

Limits of Office Act

Ameralition of the Dual Citizenship Act
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