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The Informatio Bellum ('concept war') is the compilation of thought, idea and philosophy of the now Grand Chancellor Vingo. Its origins date back to the explosion of discourse about Globalism on NS during his self-imposed exile to Tyndaria. There he began to developed what would evolve into his handbook of the era, 'lux lucis tempus', founding era of the Fifth Age of Globalism.


I. The Lux Lucis Tempus Speech
II. Guidestones & 'themes'
III. Supreme Presidium
IV. Out-Reach
V. Organic Growth Theory
VI. Summary

I. The Lux Lucis Tempus Speech
July 12, 2011

My fellow Illuminati,

A new era has risen in the Illuminati. A fresh dawn from what has gone before. This new era will be a radical era, an era of revolution and liberation of our truest instincts.

Hitherto, the Illuminati has been in decline, partly, in my opinion, from a stifling establishment and its traditions. This place was born to defy such forces, to be a creative anti-establishment. This is why the Illuminati has continually evolved, been reborn out of the visions of the then leaderships. However, we are weaker than before; and closer to demise than before.

Globalism has been marginalised in NS, and its a creed too many of the newer players of the game have never even heard of; or come into contact with. This must change.

Thus, rather than just be yet another Grand Chancellor trying to imprint his own personality upon what is. I intend to recreate us.

Our philosophy shall remain the Guidestones, but how we interact with them will change. Thus I shall issue upon completion the Informatio Bellum, a handbook to my own philosophy for the era ahead.

Our services to the Guidestones is paramount, therefore we shall each contribute toward their Greater Glory (whether it be through recruitment, creative song & poem writing etc)

Our leadership will be strong, but a new demos shall be forged. A Supreme Presidium of the Zar-Illuminati Empire will be established.

To capture the spirit of these changes a new time is upon us. I, as the 19th Grand Chancellor declare that I am founding a era - to be known as the 'Lux Lucis Tempus' ['is light' era]. The Lux Lucis Tempus reflects the sudden renewal of our common creative culture and behaviours. The knowledge renewed and expanded upon... it is light. It is us. It is the Illuminati.

Sincere in service,

II. Guidestones & 'Themes'

The Guidestones form the philosophical and ideological basis to our community. The guides themselves are clear enough to understand, but how we interpret them and seek to uphold them is open to discussion.

The Guidestones:

1. Service to Society is the highest form of honour.
2. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
3. The voice of society is the law
4. Unity in the common cause is victory
5. Truth and secrecy have their places
6. Dishonour will result if this law is ignored
7. Teach by tradition and tempered by reason
8. All laws shall adhere to these Guides
9. Protect these guides with the will of the heart
10. Unite the world in a living language

Naturally we each read into these 10 guides differently. To my mind, this is desirable, and actually to be encouraged. It is vital that we think differently, and debate our ideas, interpretations and concepts - inspired from these guides.

Take an example, Guide 3: The Voice of society is law.

I read into this Guide from a Rousseau position. To me "the voice of society" seems to represent the 'general will', which he spoke of. But this doesn't necessarily chime with the interpretative understanding of others. It doesn't need to be the only way of reading into the guide. The more libertarian members amongst us will no-doubt reject my Rousseau-orientated perception of this guide.

We need to be ready to live in a 'Zar-Society' capable of taking such disagreements and transforming our understanding, our knowledge through discourse.

Lets take another example, the 10th Guidestone:  Unite the world in a living language.

To my mind, this has strong elements of George Orwell in it. When he wrote his dystopic 1984; one of the man themes was the use of language. He warned that by limiting and controlling language, it becomes possible to abolish even thoughts which ran contrary to the wills of those in power. This Guidestone, to me, tells us that we need to be aware of, and suspicious of the modern trend where language has become 'jargonised' - so as to exclude the people from participation in 'elite driven' policy processes.

Again, there may be people here who disagree with me. But this isn't to be regarded inside our community as a negative process of development.

If we as an anti-establishment society are to succeed in changing the world - it becomes vital to encourage debate, argument (even heated). Stagnation comes through the death of enlightened discourse about our guides, and their concepts which can guide our values.

Guidestone 7 is another fine example to take:  Teach by tradition, tempered with reason.

There are striking elements of Edmund Burke in this surely? He argued in his book, 'Reflections on the Revolution', that all reform should be incremental, and designed to strengthen the traditions which work; and remove that which does not.

The dominant themes of this Guide argues for us to support radical, even revolutionary concepts and ideas - but with one eye on our traditions. A duality to be achieved through incremental, reasoned change.

Now, I know that many may disagree with that interpretation! For many our guides, and concepts demand radicalist and even Robespierrean terror and action. But such disagreements need voicing, as it is in these kinds of disagreements that the spirit and creativity of our society can find its inspiration.

To be frank: creativity, a renaissance of ideas, poetry and stories of activism etc can be registered to our group. Yet only if we take up the challenge of debating our ideas off against one another. In so doing the guides can find a whole new level of meaning to us, and in our lives.

Guide 9 reads:  Protect these guides with the will of the heart.

But how should this be done, if we don't consider more deeply than at face-value? Meanings which can be often times hidden and far more complex, just waiting to be revealed through discourse.

Well let us reveal those hidden layers of meaning together. On this forum, and across the online network-web we as members create for this society.
Finding the hidden meaning and messages within the Guides is important, because let us not forget that at all times truth and secrecy do have their places! And there is no place for face-value acceptance.

III. Supreme Presidium of the Zar-Illuminati Empire

Channeling our efforts on NationStates (and beyond) is obviously a practical necessity. I feel that it is important to instill an electoral demos into our Globalist creed.

Previously, electoral processes have came and went, as a hobby horse of individual Grand Chancellors. I intend to reforge Globalism along a electoral-demos. Where every member willingly serves the 'General Will' of our society, through adherence to the Guidestones.

With the Supreme Presidium, it becomes possible to turn from dependence on individual personality to an active citizen-demos.

George Orwell once wrote in Homage to Catalonia:

"Internecine squabbles between parties, with the inevitable injustices and false accusations...detracts from the unified front"

Now George Orwell may have been referring to unity in the anti-fascist front during the Spanish Civil War; but the message is pertinent for us. Globalism has risen, fallen on NS continually ebbing and flowing. But the movement, gravitated around the Guidestones, remains eternal. But for us to enter the fifth age, with an active demos, it is vital to branch out and reach out to all our creative talents.

The Supreme Presidium will enable us to do this.

Such an electoral body, presided over by the Grand Chancellor, can enable us to channel our community, its members, and its artistic capacities. If we believe that "Service to Society is the Highest form of honour" then the Presidium can be the demos, the living embodiment of our said 'society' alongside the office of Grand Chancellor.

Thus the point of the Presidium becomes clear: as an electoral body presided over my my office of Grand Chancellor; it shall reflect my intention for a more open and transparent Globalism. One emphasising creative talent, and active service over secrecy and elitism.

Let this institution become, alongside the Grand Chancellery, the centre of our Globalist Internationale!

IV. The Out Reach Project
July 12, 2011

Part of the conclusions arrived at during my own exile in Tyndaria was the feeling that ZIE had grown too regional-centric on NS. It was then that I conceived the concept of 'Out Reach'.

Originally, 'Out Reach' was to be a programme involving the construction and maintenance of embassies across NS regional forums. Coupled with a network of puppets, where sympathetic players could spread Globalist concepts and philosophies. But the original conceptualisation of 'Out Reach' was ultimately limited, and lacking the spark or flare to truly come alive.

Now however I propose the 'Out Reach Project'. It will be the central hallmark of my era; the Lux Lucis Tempus. On the one hand it will involve the construction of a living, breathing and constantly evolving network connection across all NS. On the other, it ill be a practical shift to resurrect the truly Globalist achievements of the past. I speak of resurrecting the spirit which drove NSPF and GIRO.

Out Reach will function in a practical way, as an effective NS-wide news network maintained by us; where regions, nations, and individual players can sign up to.

Its identifying feature will be that it shall be everywhere. Not located in any one location; Out Reach will have spaces on multiple regional forums; and maintained by us - Globalists.

Being voluntary in nature, we will make Out Reach accommodating, impartial. Yet it will be a system held together by the players involved. It won't be another region, it won't be yet another forum.

Out Reach will be on every forum. Glued together by ambitious and eager players of NS; it will represent our ability to reach across regional divides in the game. Striving across that which divides us on NS, thus being a trident for Globalism.

If anything is to survive my era; the Lux Lucis Tempus; let it be Out Reach!

It will take time to build up, and many hours to maintain. But with the right people, and the right psychology it can become the founding feature to transform the fifth Age into the New Golden Age for Globalism!

"Peace shall derive from our power, as a single society"

V. Organic Growth Theory

Organic Growth Theory is inspired by the core constituent aspects of the 'Spill Over Effect' theory of European integration. In that, Organic Growth Theory takes the Spill Over idea that one change will, inevitably, result in another. Every time building up on the previous. Each change serving as a bridge-head to even greater and more complex (not to say advanced) changes.

Take a basic example from real life:

You have Benelux, France & Germany form the 'European Steel and Coal Community. This in of itself is a basic and relatively simple step in forming a free trade union for extremely specific items (namely, coal, steel). BUT, this change sets in motion another change; namely the standardisation of the governmental policies to a constituent one for all, dealing with the trade of coal and steel (from standardisation of weights and measurements to coordination of regulation standards).

This in of itself sets the precedent. If it can happen for coal and steel, why not other goods?

You see the example? Every change creates a ripple effect on the water of policy and behaviour and psychological thought.

What Organic Growth Theory proposes for us in NS is to take this theory as absolute fact, and integrate it into our policies for NS domination.

Thus, each step we take will serve the greater vision and agenda.

FACT: no individual initiative, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant is necessarily of little value. Each step can yield greater things in the long term.

Organic Growth Theory means in practice that each member of Zar Society should seek to contribute to our general society. Write poems about our history (being proud is a strength, not a weakness). Or propose intel gathering operations on other regions. Why not take initiative?

A good place to start might be volunteering to be an editor for ORP (Out Reach Project). Another might involve being an active recruiter, by contacting our Minister for Recruitment - Maria.

Organic Growth demands that we each of us take initiative in due service to the Guidestones - and in so doing start the ripples of Zar Society growth in motion.

VI. Summary

This summary will be kept brief and to the point.

The Informatio Bellum ('Concept War') is an attempt to achieve a number of things. 1) As a compilation of my own interpretations about 'Globalism' and how best to run a streamlined Movement. 2) How we as individuals should seek to contribute to the Globalist Movements NS reach 3) To outline an intellectual-psychological thesis concerning how best to develop & maintain consistent growth.

In the pursuit of these three primary goals, I hope it has succeeded.

Firstly, as a compilation of my own interpretations. The mainstay of this can be seen through the dual themes of the 'Supreme Presidium' and the ORP (Out Reach Project). The former acting as the governing body for the Zar-Illuminati Empire, while the latter representing our extra-regional ambitions for NationStates; to reach beyond just our own small corner.

Secondly, how as individuals we should contribute to our Zar Society. On this we should read the qualities of 'ambition', 'creativity' 'innovation' and 'initiative' as the key buzz words. If The Illuminati represents anything it must be these qualities. Our members must aim to imbue these traits of character in what they do at all times. Channel these qualities in service to society.

Thirdly, the intellectual-psychological thesis for achieving consistent growth. Again, its merely an insight into how I perceive the challenge. I draw heavily on my academic influences as a real life Europeanist (that is, European Integrationist, EU lover, Euro-Federalist). But don't worry, you don't have to! Dissent from the establishment can be read as loyalty if it is in service to society!

The Informatio Bellum represents the handbook of my Grand Chancellorship, my era - the 'Lux Lucis Tempus' ('Is Light' Era). It represents a complete codification of my conclusions having served in minor (and not so minor) capacities for long time in NS. Having been there for of ISIS, having spent time as a 'regional' Aeazer Combine operative, having taken part in the original ZIE as Imperial Minister for Truth and finally having spent time in my exile in Tyndaria. These experiences, from my own NationStates gaming history is what I have drawn on for this handbook, the the era ahead.

As an NS player of some time and experience, the Informatio Bellum and the ORP (Out Reach Project) will be the two great legacies which (I hope) will survive beyond me.

Yours, sincere in service,

19th Grand Chancellor Vingo

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