Amelioration 1: Article 2, Section 4

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Amelioration 1: Article 2, Section 4 Empty Amelioration 1: Article 2, Section 4

Post by USEA on Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:25 pm

Ratified October 14, 2016

Article 2: Regional Management
Section 4: The Office
• The Grand Chancellor of Illuminati shall hold the right to claim the position of World Assembly Delegate at will or assign the office as a cabinet position.
• The World Assembly Delegate will be charged with voting in the resolutions that come up as well as submitting legislation that citizens propose.
Section 5: Regional Officers
• The Grand Chancellor shall assign up to six nations to represent regional officers in Illuminati. These regional officers shall be appointed as follows: 4 Secret Service Officers who control border control, 1 Research Officer who creates daily opinion polls, and 1 Diplomacy Officer who establishes in-game embassies with foreign regions.


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