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Re: Plagiarism

Post by Cauteria on Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:14 pm


Your initiation, for the time being, is denied.
My reasoning is thus:

  1. You have not answered the questions posed of you. You have taken the answers of another, and simply written them down again. This is not answering, this is plagiarizing. Despite your arguments that “It’s not written down anywhere that I can't,” you know as well as anyone the intent of the written instructions. You yourself have been sitting on the Round Table for some time, now, and should know how laws and regulations work.

  2. Which leads to your claim of “I’m doing this to point out the flaw.” That is not how one fixes a flaw, particularly when you are the only person seeing this flaw. Whether there even is a flaw, is a debate for another time. Either way, you fix it by pointing it out, and writing whatever needs to be written to fix it. You do not fix an issue by exploiting it for your own benefit.

  3. And we both know that this was done for your own benefit. You even imply as such in your reasoning, stating “I wouldn't have to do this if something didn't go wrong both times I have completed it.” So, because of your own mistakes during previous attempts, you feel it is appropriate to give up, and copy someone else’s work?

  4. And you not only do this, but you do it in order to complete your initiation, the whole purpose of which is to prove your commitment to the region. How is it that you see plagiarism as proving your commitment?

I am lead to question your motives, in light of all this. Initiate status should be seen as something done to prove yourself, not as simply a chore to be completed during your reach for power. So, once again, your Initiation is denied, until such time as you complete it yourself.

Signed this December 26, 2016,
54th Grand Chancellor
Illuminati Democratic Republic


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