Establishment of the Custodes Legis

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Establishment of the Custodes Legis Empty Establishment of the Custodes Legis

Post by Pigaria on Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:31 pm

Establishment of the Custodes Legis

In order to ensure the proper functioning of Law, and adherence to the Axiomata Illuminatorium, a High Court is to be established, hereby titled the Custodes Legis. 

I. Function: 
    a. To review laws passed by the Round Table of Guardians, to ensure their proper function and legality under the Axiomata Illuminatorium, and to strike down laws declared not in keeping with the Axiomata.
             i. In such an event that a law is struck down, the Round Table shall be notified no more than 24 hours after such a decision. The Round Table shall then have 24 hours in which to provide amending documentation to the Custodes Legis for approval. Should that documentation not be provided, the law shall be stricken from the records, and all effects of said law shall be reversed.
    b. To take up such Trial Cases that are appealed after the Round Table has made a decision, and those cases in which the Round Table has reached stalemate.
             i. In the event of a stalemate among the Guardians, or an appeal of a Round Table decision, the Vice Chancellor is responsible for officially bringing the case to the attention of the Custodes Legis within 24 hours.
            ii. There is no time limit for a decision to be made by the Custodes Legis.
            iii. In the event a Round Table ruling is overturned, all actions taken as a result of that ruling shall also be overturned immediately.

II. Membership:
    a. Those who sit upon the Custodes Legis shall be titled as Circitori, and membership will be determined by the follow statutes:
             i. The Custodes Legis shall always be comprised of 3, 5, or 7 Circitori, to be selected by the Grand Chancellor and approved by the Round Table. Approval or disapproval shall be provided no more than 7 days after a selection has been presented.
            ii. Circitori holding concurrent seats upon the Round Table must always be in minority to Circitori who do not hold such a seat.
    b. Circitori shall be expected to maintain a level of activity in accordance with their role, and as such shall be held to the following expectations:
             i. In the event that a case is brought before the Custodes Legis, all Circitori must be reachable within 24 hours, unless they have officially declared an intent to be away for a period of time. This period shall not be longer than 14 days.
            ii. Should a case be brought before the Custodes Legis while one or more Circitori are absent, the Grand Chancellor shall appoint an individual to serve Pro Tempore until such as time as the absent Circitor returns, under the same regulations as standard appointments.
            iii. If a Circitor is unable to maintain the stated level of activity, the Circitor shall be removed from the Custodes Legis. This will be accomplished through either resignation or impeachment by the Round Table, by a 60% or higher majority vote.
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