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Post by Altino on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:27 pm

-Auto Telegramming Programs
-Name Generators
-Nation Stats Calculators
-Phone Apps
-Plugins and Extensions
-Political Graphing Sites
-Wiki Sites

Looking to expand your NS experience? Look no further. Here is a list of sites and tools to add more depth to the things you do on the NS site.

Though I have tried, this is most likely not an all-inclusive list. If there are any sites or utilities that you believe should be added to the list, or if one of these already listed stops, please TG me. I always appreciate the help.

NOTE: All of these sites and utilities have been created by third parties and are not affiliated with the NationStates website or myself. While I believe all of them to be safe, you are using them at your own risk.

Auto Telegramming Programs
If you are tired of having to use stamps to send mass telegrams, or you just need help sending large numbers of TGs you may want to try one of these. NOTE: Be sure to follow all mass telegramming and API rules, or you will face the wrath of the Mods.

NationStates AutoTelegram- This is a utility to allow you to send mass telegrams without using NS Stamps. I have used it many times in the past. It has been extremely useful for WA campaigns and mass TGing my region.

pyNSrecruit- This is another auto telegram program. It has a straightforward and easy to use interface, plus it supports use as a recruitment tool. The major upside with this one is the fact that it is still being actively developed. This means that while there may be bugs, you can be certain that it will be updated should there be adjustments to the TG or API rules.

Name Generators
Having difficulty coming up with names? These name generators will help you come up with as many as you need. These are not strictly for NationStates, but they are site commonly utilized by NS users.

Random Name Generator- This is a basic name generator that will give a block of names according to the simple parameters you set. This is ideal for generating a list of names for an entire sports team or military unit.

Behind the Name- This name generator allows you to choose the category of the name, and how many names the person has. You definitely want to narrow the options before making a name, or you may get very strange ones.

Fake Name Generator- Despite the name, this generator doesn't just give you a name but also gives you a full online profile for the character. Very good if you want details, but don't have the time to make them up yourself.

Nation Stats Calculators
Are graphs and descriptions on you nation's NS page not enough for you? These stats calculators will give you the specific numbers and details about your nation. They are perfectly suited for getting stats for Role Playing.

NSEconomy- This is the stat calculator I personally use. It is simple and easy to use.

NSEconomy V 1.69- This is an updated version of NSEconomy that includes the black market stats from Sunset Tracker. It also allows you to compare two nations' stats on the same page, and provides graphs of several of your nation's demographics.

NSDossier- This stats calculator provides the most regional information, but is also the slowest loading calculator.

NS Calculator Mk.II- This budget calculator allows you to adjust your governments' focus, trade policy, population, and taxation to get a better, more personalized set of nation stats for Role Playing.

Phone Apps
Looking for a better, or at least different way to look at NationStates while on your phone? Try out one of these apps for your phone.

Nation States - free- This is an Android App for your phone. It allows you to answer issues, compare stats and graphs of multiple nations, and track your nation stats over time.

NSDroid- This is another Android App to make using NationStates on your phone easier. It allows you to post to your region's RMB, send and receive TGs, and keep track of nations in your dossier.

Plugins and Extensions

NationStates++- This is a browser extension for the NationStates site. It adds stats, and reorganizes some of the pages to be easier to use. It also has a feature that allows you to switch between nations you control with one click. It is very nice and kept up to date. This is a third party extension, so use at your own risk. However, NationStates is in the process of acquiring the extension, so it may gain "official" status in the near future.

LibreNS++- This is another, similar browser extension for the NationStates site. Much like NS++, this extension adds more functionality to the NS website, including mobile support, puppet management, automatic RMB updates, and IRC chat added to the region pages.

SerinApprox- This is a bot for your NationStates IRC channels that automatically calculates regions' approximate update times. It is an extremely useful tool if you are using your IRC for NS gameplay. SerinApprox is a plug-in for the mIRC client, so if you are the one running the bot on the channel you must use mIRC. Everyone else on the channel will be able to access the bot regardless of their IRC client.

NSBreeze- NSBreeze is an extension for Chrome, to add keyboard shortcuts to the NationStates site. This gives you the ability to navigate using the press of a key. This is a very useful extension if you are involved in the R/D game.

Political Graphing Sites
Looking for a way to graph your nation's place on the political spectrum? Well, these sites will help you do that. Now, These are not strictly for NationStates, but they are site commonly utilized by NS users.

The Political Compass- This is the most common political graphing test used on NS. It provides a good measure of one's political stance, or the stance of your nation.

Political Spectrum Quiz- This is a good alternative to the Political Compass site. It allows you to weight each question according to how significant you feel it is, so you can add another layer of personalization. However, due to this added feature it may not be very compatible with the Political Compass results.

Want to run a sports RP? These programs and spreadsheets will help you generate scores fairly according to the inputs. I personally have little to no experience with these, so my descriptions will be limited.

xkoranate- This is a fair versatile scorinator that allows you to simulate a wide variety of sports, both individual and team. It is probably the most commonly used scorinator.

NSFS- This is a scorinator design specifically for football (soccer) scoring.

Leagion- This is a Java-based program for american football scores. Written by [nation=short]rejistania[/nation].

Tennis 0.3.1- This is an Excel based scorinator for tennis match ups. Openoffice version. Written by [nation=short]Schiavonia[/nation].

League Ranking Sheet 3.2- This is a spreadsheet for league standings and rankings. Written by [nation=short]osarius[/nation].

Wiki sites
Are you looking for a good place to post a world factbook or your nation's history? These Wiki sites are the perfect place for it.

NSWiki- This is a reboot of the now defunct wiki site of the same name. It is filled with bot generated pages, so the entries may or may not be accurate. It is well kept and managed, and it is highly recommended.

IIWiki- The "II" stands for "international incidents", so this is a strictly In Character wiki. That means nothing can be posted that breaks the "fourth wall".

NSIndex- This wiki site was made in response to the chaos created by NSWiki changing owners. The benefit of this site is that it has full access to Wikimedia commons and there are no computer-generated pages.

WikiStates- This is another alternative wiki site. It is rather small, but has an active community.

Other useful things.

NationStates Battle Simulator- This is a great tool to help war RPs. Instead of just rolling dice or arbitrarily deciding the results of a battle, you can just plug in various factors for both sides of the conflict and have the simulator crunch the numbers for you.

FlagMaker 1.7- If making flags in MS Paint is too basic for you, try using this program. It even has a random function if you are all out of ideas. (Special thanks to [nation]Zambara[/nation] for finding this.)

NationStates Nation Manager- This is a small application that allows you to log in to a long list of puppets with one click of the mouse. I used to use this program frequently, when I was juggling 30+ puppet nations. It is very helpful.

NSHistory- This site allows you to look at the history of nations and regions. How many nations were in the North Pacific in June of 2008? This site will let you know. (The answer is 3,602 nations, by the way.)

NSEmbassy- Regional Embassies make a web of connections across NationStates. How are they all connected? This will show you... In several different ways.

NSRegionFlags- Have you ever wanted to look at all the regions' flag on NS all at once? Me neither. But if you get bored you should check it out.

Planet Creation Kit- This is a random planet generator. It allows you to set some basic parameters and then generates the scientific details of the planet. What is it useful for? I dunno.

Starship and Space Combat Calculator- Sick of spending all that time designing spacecraft and arguing over your weapons? Well, this will figure everything out for you. This is perfect for FT role playing.

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