Regional Officers Activity Act

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Regional Officers Activity Act Empty Regional Officers Activity Act

Post by Altino on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:29 pm

Regional Officers Activity Act
Passed July 30, 2016

1. We shall require regional officers to give notice before being inactive for longer than 48 hours.

2. We shall limit regional officer inactivity to 10 days before they are impeached by default.

3. The Grand Chancellor shall issue a 48 hour warning to any nation holding a regional office that has been inactive for 48 hours without notice or if they have been inactive 10 days with notice. If no response is received from the offending nation within 48 hours, the nation shall thereby be impeached.

4. The Grand Chancellor shall hold the right to impeach, replace, or intentionally hold vacant all regional officers at will in compliance with Section 5 of the Axiomata.

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