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Post by USEA on Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:47 pm

Ratified September 30, 2016

If and when such a bill that declares a certain action or practice illegal, that limits certain abilities of the people, including government/authority figures, becomes law, any citizen shall not be punished for that specific action/practice that has broken until the following:

• If a citizen is committing and action/practice that has been recently found illegal (s)he shall be notified immediately of the new found illegality if the action/practice
• That citizen shall be given an absolute minimum of 36 hours to cease that practice and/or stop performing the specific action that has been newly founded as illegal
• The Round Table of Illuminati may allow more time if they choose to do so
• It should be noted that if it is a matter of a dire emergency they may be ejected until the issue can be resolved
• If that citizen ceases to perform the action or practice that has been found illegal within the given amount of time, they shall not be punished for their crime unless it was in malicious intent to destroy the region or has caused permanent damage that cannot be reversed
• If the citizen chooses not to cease their action or practice, they will be given a proper trial that is in full accordance to the laws of Illuminati and they may be punished to the full extent of the law


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