United States of Eastern America Philosophy RIte

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United States of Eastern America Philosophy RIte

Post by USEA on Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:25 pm

1. Why is more required today to make an Illuminati citizen than in past times? More is required to make an Illuminati citizen today than in past times because in order to achieve greatness, you must build atop of the citizens of the past.

2. Why is bad to be inactive when citizens depend on you? It is bad to be inactive when citizens depend on you because less good will go to the region and good behavior along with respect then vanishes.

3. If a person has only intellect, but no character; how can this be a bad thing? This can be bad because only having intellect is 'but halfway to greatness,' and excellence requires both qualities.

4. Why would giving too many details in a plan be a bad thing? Giving too many details in a plan does not leave room for admiration as a result of mystery and instead only leaves room for criticism.

5. Based on the description of an Apex Citizen, is the Director an Apex citizen? Why or why not? I cannot give a definite answer to this question. Some of them would be considered an Apex Citizen for their actions however some not so. Simply because one finds their way into a certain position does not necessarily mean that they must be an apex citizen.

6. How can a citizen avoid the faults of their government if they are a government member themselves? That person must guard themselves against the faults in their governmental position.

7. How can fame be earned so that a leader doesn't end up being "a horrible monster"? They must earn their fame, not try and take it.

8. What does the phrase 'as theaters of good breeding' mean in the 8th Seal? The phrase as used in the 8th seal means that the those citizens are acquiring their culture, their knowledge from those who are already part of that culture. That those who have yet to learn, are doing so as if the already learned were on stage teaching.

9. What is the point of using trickery in war? The point of using trickery in war is to better ensure victory by making it so the enemy cannot suspect and more easily defend the attack.

10. Why would stagnant oligarchies be considered a bad thing to Illuminati?
Stagnant oligarchs would be considered a bad thing to Illuminati because they are not learning through their expiriance and therefore not being able to teach others that have yet to have been taught.

11. Is it acceptable to play "the card the opponent expects" if that card will lead to a victory for Illuminati? No, the opponent would learn you're way of attack and in the future better counter against it.

12. Based on the 11th Seal, who does luck exist for? No one, you achieve through cleverness, not luck.

13. What are the weaknesses of others referring to here? The weaknesses of others as in the 13th seal is referring to "where their buttons are," what they are passionate about, what they are tempted by, and what irks them.

14. How can sarcasm work unfavorably toward the person using it? Sarcasm can work unfavorably towards the person using it if they use it in a manner in which inflicts pain, causing a withdraw of esteem and intimacy from the person who inflicted the sarcasm so badly that not even private distaste or conspiracy.

15. If you win something by luck or chance, are you really winning? No, if you achieve something through luck or by chance, it is not you who has won it but has gained through the courteousy of Fortune.

16. Why is exaggerating something so bad? Is it wise to exaggerate the strength of your enemy to motivate your troops? Exaggerating is bad because it is undermining the truth and could cause a feeling of deception followed by a revolt against it and people under estimating the person who has exaggerated and whatever they recommend.

17. How can long-winded speeches be bad to a person with a natural ability to lead? Long winded speeches can be bad for a person with natural ability to lead by having them not convey themselves through action and gesture, which are held in higher esteem and can inspire more than drawn out lectures.

18. How can not contradicting your opponent turn out to be a good thing in an election? Not contradicting your opponent in an election can turn out to be a good thing in an election because by not doing so, it shows that they understand that they are often mistaken and are not ready to publicize their thought.

19. How can cunning lead to deceit? Cunning can lead to deceit when it is revealed. It causes distrust, annoyance, lust for vengance, and can arouse many ills towards you.

20. Why should anyone master things that they dislike to do? Everyone should master things they dislike to do to avoid aversion to things that have similar attributed traits to the things that are disliked.

21. How can making the wrong choice discredit the best of citizens? Making the wrong choice can discredit the best of citizens by suffering loss in spite of their usual keen judgement, observation, and mind
22. Provide an example of moral courage. Voicing your dissent and not changing your beliefs and practices for others regardless of how unorthodox they are, regardless of the social and in some cases legal consequences that they may come with.
23. When would an Illuminati citizen need to adapt themselves, as in this seal? An Illuminati citizen would need to adapt themselves if and when they need to stop laying all of their cards on the table and when they must acquire new talents and ability so that they may still have something to display.

24. Why should a Grand Chancellor never use his office to punish? A Grand Chancellor should never use his office to punish because the citizenry must trust in the Grand Chancellor, not fear it. Using the Grand Chancellorship to punish deminishes the exellence of the office.

25. How can a citizen use bad news help them? A citizen can use bad news to help them by making it so that another is obliged to them.

26. In the last 3 months, give an example of when a Grand Chancellor was resolute. An example of how the GC was resolute would be how he always sought to resolve issues for the sake of regional security, even if that meant banning his friends.

27. What does the last sentence in seal 27 actually mean? The last sentence in seal 27 means that acknowledging the fact that you do not understand something, is proving how much you actually understand yourself.

28. Why is it that some leaders do end up being unsociable? Some leaders end up being unsociable they do not trust themselves and have changed due to their positions.

29. Why would 'be all things' be something that a citizen should do? Citizens
should 'be all things' so they can find independence more easily and earn the general agreement of the citizenry.

30. How can using the enemies of Illuminati be a good thing? Using the enemies of Illuminati could be a good thing because it is often that greatness is given to them by their enemies through their own ill-will which creates difficulties for them.

31. How is a scandal so dangerous to a person's reputation? Scandal is dangerous to one's reputation because ill-wills, distrust, and things alike stick to your reputation once there is scandal involving you.

32. Why is neatness considered barbaric to elegance? When one is obsessed with neatness, they have a strict way of doing things, disruption causes chaos in their mind, however when one is more elegant than they are neat, they act and think with ease, thy are not so easily bothered by little disruptions, little obstacles, they can metaphorically move around them with ease. Freaking over a small disruption compared to simply moving around obstacles is barbaric.

33. How can an enterprise succeed which the judgment condemns as soon as it is conceived? Enterprise can succeed in spite of judgement as soon as it is conceived through further reflection later on.

34. Can you have versatility with new nations who come to Illuminati? Yes, they bring in new talents and abilities which can be taught to others and added to or culture while at the same time teaching them of our culture and them picking up new talents and abilities.

35. Why would hiding the extent of your abilities be a good thing? Hiding the full extent of your abilities would be a good thing because it would prevent others from fully understanding who you are and having no one know of the full extent of your abilities arouses more admiration and respect than otherwise.

36. What is the policy of the cuttle-fish? The policy of the cuttle-fish is to not allow even your preferences be known because others may abuse their knowledge of this and use them to manipulate you.

37. Why is competition a good thing? Competition is a good thing because it tests candidates and ideologies.

38. How can serving in government reveal qualities you may not have known you have? Service in government can reveal qualitites that one previously did not know they had because being in a position of leadership requires certain traits and so they learn and see those traits rise, becoming more apparent.

39. How can people be boring? People can be boring if they put too much detail into a speech, lecture, etc. and fail to focus on the main idea or point that they are making.

40. How can a censorious nation negatively affect the region as a whole? A censorious nation can negatively affect the region as a whole by blowing certain smaller regional issues out of proportions, causing drama over the smallest of things.

41. Does this seal mean we can just give up on projects that we do not feel like finishing? Why or why not? No, this seal is not saying that we should simply give up on projects we do no feel like finishing, it is saying that it is wise to know when you are about to loose and when to then give up to lesson the loss.

42. How can the failings of another citizen work to your advantage? The failings of another citizen can work to your advantage by making it so that they are obliged to you since they have had their influence fall.

43. How can being missed raise your stature with others? Being missed can raise your statue with others by them then becoming dependent on you due to their loss of influence.

44. How does complaining too much bring down your reputation? How is it harmful to Illuminati? Too much complaining can bring down your reputation by showing that you are not self-reliant, that you seek aid in your hardship and this only brings indifference and contempt. This can be harmful to Illuminati because those feelings are also put towards the issue, leaving it unsolved and hurting our unity.

45. How is 'being seen doing' more worthwhile than just 'doing', without necessarily being seen? Being seen doing instead of simply doing without being seen is more worthwhile because it is twice as useful and good does not seem to be considered if not seen. Judgement is based on what is seen, so if doing is not seen, it will seem as if it is not happening at all.

46. When is it important to embrace the mob mentality, and when is it more important to be a unique individual? It is important to embrace mob mentality
if the mob is not comprised of a majority of ignorant fools, and when otherwise, do not embrace the mob mentality.

47. Why is contradiction 'poisonous' if done in amusement? Contradiction is poisonous if done in amusement because when you do so, you are doing so out of frustration and and foolishness.

48. When should a Grand Chancellor leave an issue alone? A Grand Chancellor should leave certain issues alone that they know they will not be able to project actual progress with. Sometimes it is best to leave issues undisturbed so they can run their course.

49. What side of a fight should you take when you are facing off against a contrarian? When facing off against a contrarian, someone who fights against certain positions simply out of spite, you should take the side that is right, not just what the opposite of what your opponents position is.

50. Why is showing your battle wounds a bad thing? Showing your battle wounds is a bad thing because your enemies will use it to their advantage, it would allow them to know where you are already wounded so they can hurt you even more there.

51. How does the seal itself relate to the text beside it? It is saying to not just look at the cover before you make judgement or decision. Take a look at what is going on below the surface before you do so.

52. How can bad conversation skills ruin the reputation of Illuminati? Bad conversation skills can ruin the reputation of Illuminati by showing a lack of dignity and respect.

53. What is the wrong way to use your friends? The wrong way to use your friends would be to not use them at all.

54. Why can tolerating fools be a good thing? Tolerating fools can be a good thing because tolerance is peace.

55. What is the main motivation of rivals and detractors? The main motivation of rivals and detractors is glory, fame, and honor.

56. Why would Illuminati even consider the idea of a 'just war'? Illuminati
considers the idea of a just war because we praise honorable victory, not a victory by ill means, that is disgraced.

57. When is pride a good thing and when is it not? Pride is good when they leave room for others' guidance and pay attention to the issues of others. Pride is not a good thing when there is no room left for others' guidance and they become obnoxious and arrogant.

58. Why are people with nothing to lose the most dangerous of enemies?People with nothing to lose are the most dangerous enemies because they are fearless, they have no anxiety, no worry of loss, because they have nothing to fer for, nothing to have anxiety over, nothing to worry about so they can put themselves through much trouble to get what they want.

59. How can a person use silence to get the information he needs from another? One can get needed information from another using silence by exchanging their information that they have kept to themself with another for the information they need.

60. Why would an enemy not want to be lead down the right path when that path is indeed right? The enemy would not want to be lead down the right path when it is indeed right just as a fool will not listen to the advice of the wise.

61. How can increased opposition raise desire? For every bit of desire among a certain group of people, there will be others who are in opposition.

62. How can helping the worst off be harmful? They will continue to try and feed off of those trying to help them without making an attempt to help themselves.

63. What is one advantage to a nation who leaves Illuminati for another region? One advantage of a nation who leaves Illuminati for another region is that they have been taught by Illuminati, they have been given the oppurtunity to reinvent themselves, they have been allowed necessary expirience in Illuminati.

64. When can a government system based on merit fail? A government system based on merit can fail when it is used for one;s personal satisfaction against those they see as their enemies.

65. When should blunt honest truth be used and when should the truth be
embellished with courtesy? Blunt truth should be used when called for, so for example, attempting to break a fool from their delusions. The truth should be embellished with courtesy when dealing with flattery and things of such.

66. What advantages should a Grand Chancellor exploit? Grand Chancellors should exploit oppurtunity, projects that have failed to be executed. It is not the invention of a project that is celebrated but the execution of that project.

67. How can one become 'bad for sheer goodness'? One can become bad for sheer goodness if they allow their temper to become to apparent, if they do not suppress it.

68. What does it mean by 'sell wind' in seal 68? Sell wind as in seal 68 means to sell, or make others believe, accept, and embrace, through your use of words, your persuasion.

69. Why should a good leader watch out for people with bad personalities?
70. What is the meaning of this seal, Display Yourself, when Seal 36 says to hide your abilities?
71. When can absenteeism be a bad thing?
72. How can a person's personal qualities surpass those of his office?


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Re: United States of Eastern America Philosophy RIte

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