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Post by Altino on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:07 pm

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● Guidance Rite ●

Everyone can use guidance and assistance as you advance in yourself, your nation, and your region. The Ten Global GuideStones are there to assist you in your most basic of needs and to remind you of the most important elements of your development.

Please choose one or more of the GuideStones and write a reasonable 5 paragraph essay about its importance to you. Put some time and thought into this. Please describe how it effects you, your nation, and this region. These essays will be used and read by new people who come after you to help teach and educate them. A list of GuideStones are as follows:

1. Illuminati shall forever be our birthright.
2. Service to society is the highest of honors.
3. Legacy is built on strength and perfection.
4. Let the leader lead and the people learn.
5. Teach by tradition and tempered reason.
6. Truth and secrecy each have their places.
7. Conquer yourself, your home, then all.
8. Value strength and strive for victory.
9. Unity in the Common Cause is victory.
10. Unite the world in a new living language.

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Guidance Rite Empty Re: Guidance Rite

Post by Club Lux on Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:48 pm

The GuideStones I think to be most important and most central to my actions are 2. Service to society is the highest of honors. and 5. Teach by tradition and tempered reason. These both resonate to me as truth or at least for the good of the people.
I think it is obvious that logic is important for understanding everything, and after all we are called the Illuminati which means Enlightened; and serving society is what we all should live for because society is borderline the reason for life, and certainly what is best for all is best for you in the long run. Working for the good of society and being logical and passing down tradition are all major things that help the world advance. Logic is the basis of information and fact. Working for the good of society is the basis of government and furthers the species and such. Tradition is the simplest form of information and the most likely to be heeded and least likely to be broken.
These GuideStones are most important to me because I thrive off of logic and information, I think morally it is best to look out for everyone in society and what is morally right is rewarding, and I think that tradition can be a good learning and teaching tool - when used correctly. I'm always wanting more knowledge and deciding whether things are logical or not. I'm a highly moral person, but my morals aren't one-size-fits-all - for example i think killing can be for the good of society in some cases. And tradition is like a brick wall, once built it is hard to get around or tear down without serious action, which is good for teaching but bad for change, so it should be used sparingly; this, from my own experience and learning.
The final reason I think these GuideStones are the most important is because they build to the other Guidestones, or are set up by less important 'Stones. GuideStone 1 is just a nice sentiment, setting up the idea that we are a society, a family (also it's a tradition, that we of Illuminati have a right to be Illuminati). 'Stone 3 is a bit unrealistic when it says "perfection", but otherwise it is just describing how tradition works and what our tradition/legacy should be about. 'Stone 4 again is logical (leaders lead, of course) and about serving society and tradition (people learn through tradition, and it is our duty to society to learn and to teach). 'Stone 6 is again logical common sense, and for the good of society, and sets in place a tradition. 'Stone 7 is logical first, "conquer" yourself first to be strong, and then logical and societal, "conquer" your home so that it is strong, all of which sets a tradition of strengthened self and of conquering. 'Stone 8 again is setting tradition for society. 'Stone 9 is all about society, the Common Cause, and also yet again setting/following tradition of victory and Cause. 'Stone 10 is the final goal, the point of the tradition, a good thing we all plan to do for society as a whole, and logical in the sense that you must, to follow a tradition, have a goal and a reason to follow.
In summary, GuideStones 2 and 5 are important to the world as a whole, to me personally, and to the other 'Stones. Without them, what would we be?
Club Lux
Club Lux

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Post by Pigaria on Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:55 pm

6. Truth and secrecy each have their places.

      I highly doubt any rule resonates more with me in any way. As some one who is incredibly deceiving, using the truth right is powerful. You can practically run a country with it, but, does anyone truly tell the truth? skipping a word or to is truth right? No, its secrecy.
      Truth. Compel anyone into trusting you. Gain ally's. Build overall trust. But for what? Power? Greed? Anything, if you say why you need it and be truthful to those who trust you. 
      And only be secretive to those you trust. Say you did or said something, if someone who you trust is close to you, which they usually are, whats to stop them from spreading that secret. Especially if it could get you banished.
      But say they do spread it, you know who would stop it and say its for good reason? Those who trust you. Who would be better off not knowing anything, those who you trust, AND, those who don't trust you. I add this, because any failure of this rule could destroy a nation.
      A lie would make those people loose faith, but a secret, who's to know of it unless they believe its for good reason. Telling the truth every time could lead to bad times for you, and others. Now I don't like lying, but whats a little secret that people know exists?

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Guidance Rite Empty Re: Guidance Rite

Post by USEA on Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:40 pm

Rite of Guidance

GuideStone 7, Conquer yourself, your home, then all. This GuideStone to me, should not only be applied to Illuminati or to Nationstates, but it should become the fundamental process in which we all strive to complete. We as people, as human beings, must try to apply this concept in every aspect of their political career, life as a nation, and life as an individual trying to win at this game we call life.

How can anyone expect to go anywhere if the fail to do so much as to try to understand, try to conquer, yourself? In life, we tend to have trouble leading ourselves, so how could they ever be entrusted to protect and care for the People of Illuminati? Well an unfortunate truth of life is that no one can ever truly do so. No one will ever be able to fully and completely understand themselves. However, they can and should strive to do so. By doing so, by trying to achieve a higher understanding of yourself, you are teaching yourself much more than simply who you are. You are discovering how the People, which you are a part of, work, how they think, and what they want. It is very obvious and very true that we all work a little differently, that we all seek what we want in different ways, that we all believe interpret things a little differently, but we all what the same base things as People. We want to see ourselves grow, we want to see our region grow and be prosperous, and we want to maintain the security of our grand region. We simply attempt to find these things in different solutions.

Before you can conquer all, you must conquer your home. Before you can do this, you must understand what your home is. It is not just the house you sleep and eat in or the region you currently reside in, but something bigger than that. Your home is where you have invested your care in, where you feel like you matter at least some bit, where you feel like you belong. So with this, I feel like a different interpretation of "conquer" is necessary, one similar to the one used when one conquers themselves. Conquering your home, is the same as finding your home, that place where you have invested care in, where you feel like you matter, and where you feel you belong. So therefore, your home is not something that you can rent out, it is not a region that you can hop around to every once and a while, your home is discovered. You and the people that are there, the care for that place, and the feeling that you are supposed to be there is what makes it your home, and everyone wants a home. Discovering, conquering your home is what allows you to continue to be successful in your pursuits of life.

After you have both conquered yourself and your home, you may then move on to conquer all. You may go on and do your best to succeed in all of your endeavors, be it rising to the highest position in your region's government, founding a successful region, or having your name written in history. You may succeed at whatever it is that you seek, you may conquer all that you wish to conquer.

By doing, or should I say, by trying to conquer yourself and your home, understanding yourself, finding that place where you belong, you open new doors. By enlightening yourself through what would seem to be a rather simple process, you are helping to ensure that you are successful By fully applying this to your life and your political career, you are allowing not only yourself to conquer all, but you are also helping your region on it's path to greatness.


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Guidance Rite Empty Re: Guidance Rite

Post by Daosemoa on Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:41 am

10. Unite the world in a new living language.

The first thing that comes to mind is unity and what it really is. If we united the world would that be a good or a bad thing? Would it mean that no potentially false ideas get challenged? That none are brave enough to rip the carpet from beneath the feet of corrupt dictators? Is that what we want for the world? I sure don't. I love a little conflict and part of war is speaking and strategizing in a language that the other side can't comprehend.

When it comes to killing people, ask yourself this; would it be better if everyone was at peace and living like they were dead already or burning with passion ready to slit the throat of any who stand in their way? Really neither extreme is sustainable in the long run (the former will have low libido and stagnate technologically and the latter will kill itself off).

We must understand balance like yin and yang. The world must be separated. There must be bosses and underling, rich and poor. On the other hand, left-wing policies are good at making it okay to be poor which is where it becomes a good balance; West European nations and Canada are brilliant at pulling this off. Pure equality and unity is a disgusting ideal in my opinion because it makes everyone an obedient slave afraid ot offend or scare anyone but that is ironic as they themselves will be scared and offended by those in power regularly, afraid to rock the boat.

Do not fear division, only fear being unable to tolerate it.


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Post by Farlandiay on Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:58 pm

6. Truth and secrecy each have their places.

This concept, that of possessing both the ability to lie and to be truthful, is the basis for all human interactions. True wisdom comes from knowing the time and place for both types of communication. When is it wise to gain the trust of another, or when is it wise to manipulate someone to your will? How long should someone be shielded from the truth before they must be made aware? It is only upon deep inspection of these questions, that we can understand this truth.

When acting in secrecy, it is key to act as though you are not. Although this may seem obvious, it is harder to truly implement. You must be able to make lies seem to be truthful, and your secrecy transparent. If you believe you are compromised, it is sometimes wise to reveal yourself before you are exposed. It is best to face something on your own terms, than that of an accuser.

When being truthful, it is paramount that you don't get carried away. Only say what you intend to, and don't reveal to much. Oftentimes, people begin to share secrets and then let their guard down, as they crave someone to listen to them. The most dangerous people are those that are observant and listen to the needs of others.

Now, to go back to the original questions I posed. hen is it wise to gain the trust of another, or when is it wise to manipulate someone to your will? How long should someone be shielded from the truth before they must be made aware? These questions, I will leave unanswered. This is not because I don't know the answer, but because it is not something that is universal, generic, or easily conveyed. It cannot be analysed, for it is an evolving and living art. The art of deception, truth, and the ability to know the difference.


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Guidance Rite Empty Murderbourg's Guidance Rite

Post by Murderbourg on Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:52 pm

After going through many turbulent experiences with this region, I have come to the conclusion that the first GuideStone, which states "Illuminati shall forever be our birthright", is the most important GuideStone. Without this GuideStone, the others are meaningless, as anyone in Illuminati would then be able to give them up at any time. This GuideStone expresses a message of unity, purpose, and dedication that every citizen of Illuminati should take to heart.

This GuideStone unifies every citizen of Illuminati. By making Illuminati our birthright, it provides a common trait we can all unify around. By providing a sense of unity, it enable our region to do truly great things, such as when the 13 colonies united, they overthrew a world superpower that had previously gone unchallenged. It is only by being united that we are truly a region of nations.

This GuideStone also gives every citizen of Illuminati a common purpose.By making Illuminati our birthright, it embeds a purpose in us to serve Illuminati. It enforces all the other GuideStones because it gives us a strong connection to Illuminati and its philosophy. By acknowledging the fact that Illuminati is our birthright, we also must know that we now must stand by it and practice its laws and philosophy.

That leads me to my next point. This purpose requires us to be dedicated to the region. This birthright does not come for free. To honor this gift, we must serve Illuminati to the best of our ability, hat means we must prioritize the needs of Illuminati, and always keep it's best interests in mind. This GuideStone forces us to dedicate ourselves to the region, which makes it the most important one to follow.

Finally, not only do I appreciate this GuideStone from an objective point of view, but also a subjective one. I was previously banned from Illuminati, and even though my situation looked hopeless, I kept fighting to get back in the region because Illuminati is forever my birthright. This GuideStone inspired and brought out the best in me, which is why I view it as the most important GuideStone.

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Guidance Rite Empty Re: Guidance Rite

Post by Hyperlegion on Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:12 am

1.Illuminati shall forever be our birthright 

I choose this Guidestone because it tells us Illuminites that we are one big virtual family, even though we don't know each other in real life we all accept each other's values and opinions.

This Guidestone allows us all to be united and have a purpose within the region so that people don't feel left out and help us against superpowered Regions, Raiders etc. And with being a strong united region it makes us our own Nation rather than a Region.

This also makes everyone equal and no one person can bend or break the Laws of Illuminati and also this Guidestone acts as a "parent" Guidestone for the other Guidestones.

This Guidestone gives us a gift that makes us go and spread and defend the goodness that Illuminati has to offer and makes us feel important and want to dedicate pourselves to this Grand Region Illuminati


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