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Post by Altino on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:48 pm

Code of Conduct
Passed September 16, 2016

1. We shall establish a code of laws for all members with border control to follow.
2. Nations with border control should only be appointed directly by the founder or the WA delegate if given executive power by the founder and shall not be tied to regional politics.
3. Before any nation is banned they first must receive a warning clearly stating that they are doing wrong and that they face banishment if they do not obey regulations. This does not apply to Category Three Violations.
4. In addition to the RMB, this act extends to the forums, our chat, and all other region related platforms.
5. Only under the following circumstances may a nation ban another nation from our region.

Category One Violations
-Shall be punishable with banishment after being proven to and approved by a majority in the round table and have the Grand Chancellor
-Spamming; defined as repetitive RMB messages for the sole intention of obstructing conversation over the course of more than a 24 hour span.
-Foul Language; defined as the use of racial slurs, or other forms of offensive language not directly used towards anyone. This makes our region seem vile and ill organized. This should only result in banishment if it persists for a 72 hour span and can not be resolved by suppression.

Category Two Violations
Shall be punishable by banishment if a border control officer sees fit. If the Round Table or Grand Chancellor believes the banishment is unjustified they may, by a majority vote of the round table, unban a banned nation and either impeach the nation whom banned the said nation or ban the nation whom banned the said nation
-Combination of both category one violations
-Severe cursing; defined as the use of racial slurs or severely offensive language that is used directly at someone and is used consistently.
-Active recruitment; for people to leave the region and join a new one. The recruiter must have no intention of being here other than to gather people to come to his region
-Spy or Mole; a nation that is here to steal information or attempt to gain power and destroy the region from within. this must be later proved immediately to the Round Table and Grand Chancellor if it is questioned by either group
-Trolling; posting links that take people to websites unrelated to NationStates and unrelated to what the nation in question says the link is. It can also be any nation that acts with the sole intention of inciting revolution without political, legal, or power motivation. This would mean a nation which joins and immediately calls for revolution in the hopes of undermining the Illuminati.

Category Three Violations
Shall be punishable with banishment immediately, and does not need to be justified by the Grand Chancellor or Round Table
-Raider; if the banned nation is a self proclaimed raider not for the Illuminati, a known raider not for the Illuminati, or is in the act of raiding the Illuminati.

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