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Post by Altino on Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:54 pm

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The region of Illuminati is as old as NationStates itself.  Undoubtedly, its attraction and success comes from the very connotations of the name Illuminati which tends to stir up the imagination in regards to conspiracy theories, enlightenment, and history.  Illuminati history is ancient - lasting longer than most regions on NationStates have even managed to exist - but more notable than its length are its reaches. Illuminati has never been just "Illuminati." More than a region, it's an invasive idea spread forth by its people. Illuminati history transcends the region as the nations of Illuminati venture out into other regions and spread Illuminati philosophy. By 2016, the idea of being a citizen of Illuminati had become less of a pronounced focus on physical regional membership, but instead had been replaced with identity and agreement to the founding ideals and causes that Illuminati holds dear. Illuminati is Illuminati because of what she believes, not because of where her nations reside.

In the early years between 2005 and 2010, records of Illuminati and its history are scarce. The first known written traces of Illuminati come from the nation of Roma Qochasiva as early as March of 2005, and often were messages written to another nation, Kuvachim, as the two nations had a habit of having historical conversations about the region around October of 2006.  Roma Qochasiva would go on to become the first Grand Chancellor of Illuminati. Kuvachim too would become a Grand Chancellor in the Triumverate. The Illuminati Population Chart, gathered from information found on NS Suite gives Illuminati population statistics going back to May, 2003. This establishes Illuminati as being older than May of 2003.  The exact date of its first founding is unknown, but later regional re-foundings have been well recorded.

What is interesting about the history of Illuminati is that a sizable portion does not take place in the actual region of Illuminati.  Sometimes when the region itself is unavailable, Illuminati members will congregate in other regions and wait out a time when they can re-found the region themselves.  This practice of of being considered citizens of one region while physically residing in another gave birth to the Globalist Ideology which Illuminati holds today.  Unlike more stable regions, Illuminati has been re-founded, lost, rebooted, and colonized several times over.

The actual history of Illuminati follows the Grand Chancellors over region. Each Grand Chancellor carries on the information and history of the past while adding new histories themselves.  This process was started by the nation Roma Qochasiva, and continues to this day.  Of the major Illuminati Historians, several stand out: Roma Qochasiva himself was obsessed with history and made sure that things were recorded accurately in history logs.  This tradition, thankfully, enabled later historians to write about earlier events and compile whole books on the subject of regional history.  The nation Zarvarza, wrote a book of history on Illuminati called The Immaculate History in 2012.  The Immaculate History became the standard historical document for the region, even though it was never actually finished.  The nation of Vingo wrote very detailed histories of his own origins and history within Illuminati, which allowed for multiple viewpoints of historical events as well as alternate interpretations of various cultural aspects.  By January of 2015, a massive nine volume book called Illuminati Antiquity was written by the nation of Rhyphix based off The Immaculate History before it was lost. Rhyphix's interpretation filled in a number of blanks in history andd greatly expanded the story and knowledge that comprises the history of Illuminati.  In August of 2016 Rhyphix would again take up the helm of writing a new history book called Apotheosis which expands upon and updates the old Illuminati Antiquities.  With the extensive help of Illuminati Citizens Kawaii Village and Rigels Light in putting this book together, Apotheosis. Before finishing the Apotheosis, Rhyphix abandoned Illuminati and made attempts to destroy any record of Illuminati's history and culture. Fortunately, Kawaii Village and Rigels Light had the foresight to keep copies of both Illuminati Antiquities and the small portion of the Apotheosis which Rhyphix had begun working on. All of this work was turned over to Altino, who compiled these two works with what she could find on old RMB boards, forums, and testimonies from ancient Illuminati she came in contact with to create the Apotheosis as it stands today - the largest regional history ever compiled in the history of NationStates and includes many historical documents, speeches, cultural aspects, and gameplay history.

This book, Apotheosis is divided up into several distinct parts.  It will cover each major part in our historical ascendance to the region we are today.  Additionally, this book will cover histories of a couple other regions in which Illuminati members have participated in, the cultural elements of the region, and other reference and resource material.  It should be stated that the Apotheosis is a 'living book' in that it is updated periodically as new events happen and become part of history too.  It is suggested that readers read this entire book, as each event leads to the next event.  With a full understanding of history in its entirety, we all gain a greater understanding and pride for our history, and for the current state of affairs that the profound influence of Illuminati has had on the world of NationStates.


Reference Information
    ● Prehistoric Delegates (2003-2005)
    ● Brief History of The Grand Chancellors
    ● Grand Chancellor's Epic
    ● History of the Illuminati Flag
    ● The Regional Anthem
    ● The Ten Global GuideStones
    ● GuideStones: Their History and Legacy
    ● The Three Keys
    ● The 72 Seals of Truth
The Informatio Bellum
    ● Globalism
    ● Emantentize the Eschaton
    ● The Panopticon Government
    ● Axiomata Illuminatum

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